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Graduate Assistantship Vacancy - Ignatius Scholars

Loyola University Maryland Ignatius Scholars Program is currently searching for a Graduate Assistant to work the summer program.

Loyola University Maryland’s Ignatius Scholars Program will serve 30 first year students who identify as first-generation college students, demonstrate significant financial need, or come from diverse backgrounds. The program participants exhibit strong academic promise, leadership abilities, and high professional aspirations.

Ignatius Scholars participate in seminars, workshops and cultural excursions through a three-week summer/pre-fall component and continues through the fall semester.

The Graduate Assistant position for the Ignatius Scholars Program is an essential support role to the ALANA Services professional staff member/co-coordinator of the program. This position is a 5 week position (requiring availability in the summer). Please see the following duties typical for the Ignatius Scholars Graduate Assistant.

Time Commitment

Monday, July 22nd – Sunday, August 25th, 2019

  1. Live in a residence hall during the summer component and serve as on-campus emergency contact
  2.  Maintain daily schedule and agendas for the program
  3. Supervise two student leaders
  4. Supervise and develop activities, as well as support weekend cultural excursions and enrichment activities
  5. Assist in planning, scheduling, and securing summer and semester programs
  6. Assist in recruitment activities such as presentations and selection process
  7. Attend and co-chaperone off campus, weekend trips, etc.
  8. Assist in arranging travel arrangements
  9. Fulfilling other duties as assigned
Required Skills
  1. Knowledge of the barriers first-generation, low-income and underrepresented students face in higher education
  2. Passion for working with students
  3. Exceptional time management and organizational skills
  4. Must be a team player and able to handle multiple priorities
  5. Public speaking and presentation abilities
  6. Willingness and availability to work evenings and some weekends
  7. Willingness to travel
  8. Valid driver’s license
  1. The Graduate Assistant will receive a stipend of $2400 over the 5 weeks.
  2. The Graduate Assistant must be able to commit the 150 hours to the program:
      1. July 22nd – August 10th:  Training & Planning
        1. 20+/- hours/week
      2. August 11th – August 25th: Summer Program
        1. Live in position


If you are interested in this position and would like more information, please contact Raven Williams at ischolars@loyola.edu or 410-617-5424.


For more information about the Ignatius Scholars Program, visit our website: https://www.loyola.edu/join-us/ignatius-scholars

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