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Psychology Masters TA - Graduate Assistantship

Department Psychology (Master's Teaching Assistant)
Hours & Wages 100 hours/semester; $13.20/hour (50% stipend, 50% scholarship)

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required for all positions for graduate courses and admission to the graduate program is required for undergraduate courses; most positions also require successful completion of specific courses as well as demonstrated strengths in specific skills.

First Year Master students are not eligible


Student is assigned to an instructor for assistance with a particular course or courses. Courses that typically have TAs are assessment courses and research courses. TAs may be required to attend classes for the course, teach and/or manage lab sections, give students written or oral feedback on their work, and/or hold office hours to assist students with protocols or computer programs.

Graduate assistantships in the Psychology Department were developed to provide students with professional experiences beyond those available through the classroom or in externships and/or field placements. Assistantships are designed to be consistent with students’ levels of education and training and to enhance the growth and development of the Department and its programs.
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Traci Martino

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