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Graduate Assistantship Vacancy

Loyola University Maryland

Graduate Research Assistantship

School Counseling Program, School of Education

Duties and Responsibilities: Student is assigned to a faculty member or administrator to assist him or her with library/literature research; writing reports, summaries, or sections of scholarly work; collection of data, data management, data entry, and/or data analysis.

Research assistantships provide students with professional experiences beyond those available through the classroom or field placements. Assistantships are designed to be consistent with students’ levels of education and training and to enhance the growth and development of the student’s research skills.

Supervision: All research assistants serving in any capacity are under the supervision of a member of the faculty.

Time Commitment: This is a one quarter time assistantship (approximately 5 hours per week, fall and spring semester).

Qualifications: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required;  desirable skills include  background knowledge in the area being studied, the ethics of data collection and management, and/or statistical expertise.

Compensation: Tuition for one course each semester (1650 X 2) plus $850 per semester stipend.

Graduate Assistant Employment Application