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Office of Human Resources

Federal Work-Study Job Listings

Students may not begin working until all required employment paperwork is submitted to the human resources office, the I-9 form has been completed and the I-9 documentation has been verified. New hire paperwork is now automated. Once HR receives a Student Employment Agreement from the supervisor, they will advise on any other required documents.

This site only has Federal Work Study job postings. If not approved for Federal Work Studies, students looking for on-campus employment should check with individual departments for Direct Hire opportunities.

Academic Finance (FI)

Office Assistant

WS employee will be handling phone calls, special projects from professors, and special projects from me on an as-needed basis, receiving on-the-spot training as necessary.

Common examples include drafting Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Outlook tasks, filing with Teams, survey drafting through Qualtrics, and developing ongoing presentation projects in PowerPoint.

ALANA Services & Student Activities

Student Assistant

The Student Assistant will:

  • Assist with the basic functions of the office (faxing, copying, etc.)
  • Greet in-office visitors and answer phones to direct them to the appropriate staff member.
  • Manage in office event sign-ups or sales.
  • Set up or clean-up for departmental programs.
  • Help keep office suite and general area organized.
  • Create banners and hang flyers in Student Center for departmental programs.
  • Design eye-catching and creative display boards.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The student will possess computer literacy and be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, or other publication software. The student assistant must be a responsible individual who arrives on time, completes tasks by deadline, with little supervision and is accustomed to handling confidential information. The student assistant should provide excellent customer services on the job.

This position is available in spring semester of school year. Maximum 15 hours total available per week for each student assistant.

Annual Giving

Phonathon Associate

  • Posted: 8/29/2020
  • Contact: Joey Dwyer, 410-617-5746, jpdwyer@loyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework

Phonathon Associates call alumni and parents to reconnect them back to campus and raise money for the Evergreen Fund. The Evergreen Fund directly supports student scholarships and financial aid.


Varsity Athlete Weight Room Assistant

This position is an on-campus position open only to students who are cleared through Student Health Services to be on-campus attending classes. The position requires that strict Covid-19 health and safety guidelines be followed. Employees may work up to 15 hours a week in the Student Center Weight Room. This may include early mornings or evenings, depending on availability. The primary duties would be weight room upkeep and cleanliness. This may include spraying and wiping down equipment, vacuuming, sweeping, etc. in an effort to keep the environment Covid free. Additional duties involve stocking the fueling station, office work and other miscellaneous duties assigned by the strength and conditioning staff.


Lab Technician

  • Posted: 8/29/2020
  • Contact: Scott Deamond 410-440-0922, sfdeamond@loyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework

This is an advanced technical position.  Lab Technician will provide instruction , training and supervision of other work studies.  They will perform advanced techniques as necessary for lab preparation.  Lab Technician will operate and monitor lab equipment and alert staff to irregularities and malfunctions .Lab Technicians will assist faculty with research projects as requested.

Requirements: One year of lab experience. Federal Work Study approval required.

2 positions available

Lab Assistant I

  • Posted: 8/29/2020
  • Contact: Scott Deamond 410-440-0922, sfdeamond@loyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework

Duties range from lab to office work. Duties may vary on a daily basis. Primary responsibilities will be assisting the staff with lab preparations and general lab maintenance.

Requirements: Biology interest, majors preferred. No experience necessary. Federal Work Study approval required.

Lab Assistant II

  • Posted: 8/29/2020
  • Contact: Scott Deamond 410-440-0922, sfdeamond@loyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework

Lab Assistant II will be responsible for lab preparation of upper level biology courses.  This work will include cell and bacterial culture, as well as quality control. Lab Assistant II will assist in the training of new employees.  They will serve as primary support  for departmental staff.

Requirements: Should be proficient in general lab techniques and operation of laboratory equipment. Requires the ability to work independently.  Biology majors preferred.  Federal Work Study approval required.

Greenhouse Assistant

  • Posted: 8/29/2020
  • Contact: Scott Deamond 410-440-0922, sfdeamond@loyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework

Watering, planting and pruning of plants. Monitoring of the Departmental greenhouse and associated equipment. Assisting botanists with laboratory work.

Requirements: Some knowledge of plants and associated techniques. Some physical work and lifting required. Biology majors preferred. Federal Work Study approval required.

Animal Care Technician

  • Posted: 8/29/2020
  • Contact: Scott Deamond 410-440-0922, sfdeamond@loyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework

Provide care for animals used in both research and classroom exercises according to USDA regulations. Duties include; cage changes, health monitoring, recording data and assisting faculty with research protocols.

Requirements: Must be comfortable handling diverse species including rodents, insects and amphibians. Experience working with animals helpful. Biology majors preferred. Federal Work Study approval required.

Center for Community, Service, and Justice

Virtual Tutors

CCSJ is looking for virtual tutors to assist youth attending the local elementary schools. Responsibilities would range from assisting our interns  with clerical work for teachers for a  few hours each week. This could include assisting in lesson planning, digital organization (excel) and "sitting in" on virtual classes. Also assisting with virtual group tutoring. 


Chemistry Lab Assistant

Student employees are expected to learn most of the aspects of the tasks which must be accomplished in order for the department to have a functioning laboratory program and to perform these tasks under the limited supervision of a member of the Chemistry Department. Students are expected to learn new tasks each semester such as the preparation of reagents, setting up reagents and materials, putting away materials, cleaning equipment, preparation of chemical waste for appropriate disposal, or taking inventory of chemicals and equipment. Due to the nature of the position, it is important that students be carefully trained to work safely.

Requirements: Willingness to learn, organization skills, and tidy habits are a must.  Some lab experience is preferred but not necessary.

Chemistry Lab Assistant II

Student employees are expected to understand all aspects of which must be accomplished in order for the Department to have a functioning laboratory program and can independently prepare the solutions, reagents, and set up the equipment needed for a laboratory course. Students must possess organizational abilities as well as technical skills and be able to prepare a teaching laboratory for a given Chemistry session in a timely fashion. Student employees are expected to help in the training of other employees in some of the technical processes required. Due to the nature of the position, it is important that students are carefully trained to work safely. Students will work under the limited supervision of a member of the Department.

Requirements: Students employed in this position must have prior work experience in the Chemistry Department, and, due to the problem solving requirements, the experience should also include significant Chemistry laboratory experience. Student employees are expected to work closely with the Laboratory Manager and the faculty.

Client Services

Client Services Student Technician

  • Posted: 9/8/2020
  • Contact: Tom Breiner, 410-617-5172, tbreiner@loyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework

Responsible for level 2 lab, classroom, and end user support of computer and AV equipment.  Responsible for assisting current technical staff in support all operational and project needs.  Operational support is needed during all hours of classroom operations.  Training will be provided and students of all majors are encouraged to apply.


Communication Office Assistant

WS employee will handle requests for support from CM Professors & Lecturers, in addition to projects managed by Program Assistant, Shelby Ehret and Chair, Dr. Sara Magee.

Examples of support will include clerical work, such as: scanning/copying requests, document shredding, answering questions in the CM department (we have a plexiglass area where work study student can safely sit).

Any experience in Social Media management, graphic design or proficiency in Adobe & Microsoft Suites is preferred.

Fine Arts

Production Assistants (Drama)

  • Posted: 9/8/2020
  • Contact: Emma Ditzel, 410-617-2031, elditzel@lopyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework

Theater Production Assistants work directly with the Technical Director on theater department productions taking place in McManus and the Black Box. Duties vary depending on the needs of each production, but can include set construction, painting, hanging lights, house managing, and general organization of the backstage spaces. Prior theater experience is helpful but not necessary. The schedule is flexible, but generally includes afternoons every week with additional nights and weekends during productions.

Julio Fine Arts Gallery Assistant (Gallery)

Julio Fine Arts Gallery is looking for students to support the Gallery’s virtual presence and virtual programming through the Fall semester. Tasks could include updating and maintaining Gallery website, being responsible for the Gallery’s social media presence, writing, maintaining and updating the Gallery’s blog and newsletter, supporting and helping to moderate virtual programming.

Students in this position will report to and work closely with the Gallery director to identify tasks including the above and others at the director’s discretion. Students would be responsible for accounting for hours worked.

In the event that Loyola returns to in person instruction in the Spring, Fall Gallery Assistants would have transition to in person work.

Preferred Qualifications: effective writing skills, experience with design (especially the Adobe creative suite), experience with website development and/or management, experience with digital marketing, excellent customer service skills.

Greycomm TV Studio

Video Editor

Learn more about the Greycomm TV Video Editor position.

Website Developer

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Training Manager

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Learn more about the Greycomm TV Videographer position.

Copy Editor/Captionist

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Graphic Designer

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Promotions Specialist

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Information Systems, Law & Operations (ISLO)

Office Assistant

WS employee will be handling phone calls, special projects from professors, and special projects from me on an as-needed basis, receiving on-the-spot training as

Common examples include drafting Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Outlook tasks, filing with Teams, survey drafting through Qualtrics, and developing ongoing presentation projects in PowerPoint.


About the library: The Loyola Notre Dame Library is one of two independent academic libraries in the United States. Situated between two adjoining campuses (Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University) in a residential area of northern Baltimore City, the Library serves a total population of 8,354 FTE including 6,396 FTE at Loyola University Maryland, recognized for excellence in teaching and learning, and 1,958 FTE at Notre Dame of Maryland University, a leader in education of women. The Loyola Notre Dame Library is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or age.

Library Student Assistant - Access Services Stacks

  • Posted: 9/8/2020
  • Contact: Please submit electronically a resume and/or an application for Stacks Student Assistant with the “Stacks Student Assistant” in the subject line to Allison Atkins, Access Services Operations Supervisor, aatkins2@loyola.edu.
  • Not eligible for telework (on-campus job)

Reporting to the Access Services Supervisors and the Access Services Librarian, this position will assist the members of the full-time staff with the following responsibilities.

  • Shelving books, media, and periodicals
  • Assisting with shifting/weeding projects
  • Shelf-reading materials
  • Assisting with overflow materials

Required Skills:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Work Accuracy
  • Organizational Skills

Circulation Desk Hours: Daytime, weekday hours

Library Student Assistant - Cataloging & Metadata

  • Posted: 9/8/2020
  • Contact: Please submit electronically a resume and/or an application for Library Student Assistant with the “Library Student Assistant” in the subject line to Allison Atkins, Access Services Operations Supervisor: aatkins2@loyola.edu.
  • Not eligible for telework (on-campus job)

Reporting to Cataloging & Metadata Librarian, this in-person position will assist the members of the full-time staff with the following responsibilities while following social distancing guidelines:

  • Process new physical materials including books and media
  • Work on cataloging database maintenance projects
  • Assist with physical collections control including minor repairs and relabeling

Required skills

  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Work accuracy
  • Organizational skills

Help Desk Hours: Daytime, weekday hours

Marketing and Communications



Creative Assistant

The Creative Assistant work study positions play a crucial role in the marketing and communication of Messina programming and events. The positions are designed to provide students with practical work experience within the communication and graphic design fields and regular professional development opportunities. Students will:

  • Develop and enhance the office’s marketing and media plan by contributing innovative ideas and opportunities to connect more effectively with the first-year student community and prospective students and their families.
  • Generate, revise, and further enhance publicity materials through print and digital/social media.
  • Capture and document the first year Messina experience through interviews, narratives, faculty/administrator profiles, event reflections, images, videos, and social media posts to tell the story of Messina at Loyola for internal and external audiences.

Modern Languages and Literatures

Lab Assistant

Lab Assistant complete a variety of tasks in service of 10,000 annual visitors to the LLC related to language learning at Loyola University including translation, technology trouble shooting and set up, media reservations, scanning, catalog management, calendar management, event planning, marketing, and project management.

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

Work Study Student

About ORSP: The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs promotes and supports the academic excellence of Loyola University Maryland by guiding faculty members, as well as academic and administrative departments, in the procurement and management of grant funding. In so doing, it enables faculty members to explore and advance their scholarly interests and initiatives, and the University to achieve its strategic objectives.

Position Overview: The work study student will provide clerical support to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs staff.  The task will vary day by day and semester to semester.  Some tasks may include:

  • Using major databases to search for funding sources for faculty and administrators’ projects
  • Entering data into Microsoft Access database or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Assisting with the maintenance of the office’s website
  • Responding to emails from faculty members
  • Completing other administrative tasks as required like completing mail merges, filing, making copies, and scanning
  • The student must work with the ORSP to work out a schedule that is mutually agreeable during normal office hours.

Requirements: Below is a description of the skills and/or experience needed to perform the job effectively.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint (Access is helpful)
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and adhere to Loyola reporting guidelines for student employees
  • Perform duties with discretion and maturity
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to work independently on assigned projects
  • Ability to work professionally with faculty, administrators, and students
  • Willingness to attend training and learn new programs (i.e. Sitecore)

Post Office

Work Study Student

Work in "Stamp It" next to the Bookstore. This is a customer service position that requires a positive customer service attitude. It involves receiving packages and letter mail form various carriers, paying close attention to detail, processing the letters and packages in the Trac computer system and organizing them in the appropriate place. Also, greeting customers and processing their letters and packages accurately out of the Trac system. Other tasks as assigned by the site manager including but not limited to; recycle sweeps of cardboard, keeping the area clean.

Public Safety

Public Safety Student Drivers

  • Posted: 12/8/2020
  • Contact: Adrian Black, abblack@loyola.edu
  • Not eligible for telework (on-campus job)

The Student driver program is managed by the director of public safety or a designee in coordination with a student appointed as program coordinator. The program coordinator develops schedules for student drivers based on availability and assists with the onboarding process for new hires. Schedules are developed with academic calendars in mind.

Required Skills:

  • Must have a valid driver's license.
  • Must be able to drive while wearing a face mask.
  • Must be able to use a department issued radio.
  • Must be reliable and on time.

About Public Safety: The Department of Public Safety is comprised of over 80 sworn and civilian employees that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect and serve the Loyola community. Loyola police officers have full police authority on all university property and work in close partnership with the Baltimore City Police Department in serving our community. Loyola police officers are unarmed but carry a range of medical supplies and non-lethal protective equipment for everyone's safety. In regard to our partnership with Baltimore City Police, the officers we employ on a part-time basis work mainly on our perimeters as an additional resource for Loyola and the surrounding community. Our physical patrol teams are supported by APCO certified dispatchers located in our state-of-the-art communications center, where a network of over 800 security cameras, alarm systems, and access control systems are active at all times. The safety and well-being of our community is our top priority. https://www.loyola.edu/department/public-safety.

Recreation and Wellness

Work Study Student

  • Contact: Kelly Marbury, 410-617-5446

Responsible for the daily operations and supervision of the Department of Recreation and Wellness facilities and programs to include: opening and closing of work areas, policy enforcement, on-site risk management, customer service and providing a safe, clean, fun atmosphere for our members and users of the facilities and programs.

Sellinger School of Business

Work Study Student

The student will be responsible for doing research about professional development programs that focus on advancement for women and people of color.  The student will consult with Sellinger School chairs to identify things we already do that can help prepare business students to secure positions in those programs. The end product will be the content for a “path to business” brochure. Max 10 hours/week, probably for the whole year, but certainly for the fall semester.


Work Study Student

The Department of Theology is seeking a Federal Work-Study student to assist in building the department’s social media reach and engagement. This is a telework-only position.

The FWS student hire will be expected to collaborate with faculty and the administrative assistant regarding ways to build a social media presence in the Department of Theology and keep students engaged in the Loyola community. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Produce creative and engaging content
  • Provide regular updates through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Coordinate social media campaigns that get students involved (ex: trivia, hashtags, FAQ’s)
  • Collaborate with other departments (ex: CCSJ, Campus Ministry, Student Activities) to promote each other’s virtual activities, happenings, and events
  • Schedule regular Zoom social gatherings for Theology majors and minors
  • Perform additional tasks and special projects as assigned by faculty members and the administrative assistant


  • Must be enrolled as a full-time Federal Work Study student at Loyola University Maryland
  • Must be available to work between 10-15 hours per week
  • Marketing and social media experience recommended

WLOY Radio

Digital Media Content Developer

The Digital Media Content Developer is responsible for the development, maintenance and growth of WLOY’s various content sites and social media. This includes the WLOY website, social media, and the Channel 111 visual presentation. Strong writing skills preferred. Graphic design software skills are a plus. It will require weekly, if not daily, updates of the various locations in response to events and various departments. The various Board officers will be providing specific content to the DMCDs as well for regular updates of the sites.

Technology Manager

The Technology Manager will have responsibility for the support, development and growth of the computer-based infrastructure at WLOY and its external components. This will predominantly entail supervision of streaming systems, servers and web sites. A strong background in servers is critical, as is a general knowledge of both Mac OSX and Windows (ideally some server experience) is necessary. The station operates 12 Mac systems, 2 Windows PCs and 4 Mac OSX servers. This is a critical position and will require odd hours for emergency support.

Public Relations Director

The Public Relations Director is the face of WLOY in the community and on campus. The PR director will be responsible for constant communications with campus and community organizations and regional media. A weekly news release is expected by fax and/or email. The PR director is expected to pave the way for Business and Promotions to reach into new areas, whether the local Chamber of Commerce or a campus organization. The person must be prepared to make public presentations, maintain excellent contact records and be able to handle emergency PR situations as they arise. The PR Director co-manages a team of students including PR, Promotions, Digital Content, Graphics, etc...

Music Librarian

The Music Librarian is part of a team responsible for maintaining WLOY’s archive of more than 16,000 pieces of recorded material, including database development and management. Music listening and rating will be required, as well as management of the station’s older catalog. The Librarian(s) report to the Music Director and may be required to shift focus as needed by the MD. A secondary project is the digitization of nearly 9,000 pieces of vinyl and their conversion to automation files. Consistent and reliable attention to detail is a must. A diverse knowledge of music is important, but an open mind and desire to learn more musical styles and bands is critical.