Loyola University Maryland

Ignatian Isolation and Quarantine

Care for the Whole Person: Spirit

Illustration of St. Ignatius representing care for the spiritFive Tips for Beating Loneliness from St. Ignatius

  1. KNOW YOUR WORTH: You are loved unconditionally. You are important. You are necessary.
  2. DISCERN YOUR MISSION: You have a purpose for being on this earth.
  3. MAINTAIN A SUPPORT NETWORK: Invest in the relationships that make you strong.
  4. BUILD BRIDGES: Seek happiness and relationships in others in order to heal. 
  5. LIVE GENEROUSLY: Perspective is gained and gratitude grows through generosity.

You have now begun a time for reflection on these next days away from your friends, classmates, professors, teammates, mentors, and everyone you appreciate here.

As you enter this new dimension of life at Loyola University Maryland, it might become a time for quiet reflection, peace and prayer.

A good way to begin is to make a daily Ignatian Examen and to journalize your experience. Prayer and journaling can be a very rewarding and helpful way for you to process your new temporary environment.

Please feel free to reach out to one of the Campus Ministry staff members to help you prayerfully talk about your new situation.