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Team Sites

What is a Team Site?

Team sites provide departments, groups, or organizations in the Loyola community with an online area for internal collaboration. Each team site is only accessible by people who have been granted access, allowing for a more secure environment to share information and files that should not be readily available to the public. From meeting notes to vacation calendars, task management to department discussions, each group can utilize this feature as it makes most sense for them.

Benefits of Using a Team Site

  • Ideal for team collaboration on a project, activity or committee
    • Communicate with your team easily
    • The team site is the single source for your team to find all the latest information (meetings, tasks, calendars, documents, contacts, links)
    • Set up automatic email alerts to inform the team of tasks, status updates, announcements, etc.
  • Document management is simple
    • Uploading and sharing files is simple with improved ‘drag and drop’ feature
    • Collaborating on document content with others is easy using co-authoring or the check-out option
    • Set up email alerts to be notified of any document changes
  • Team Calendars can be set up to keep the team on track

How to Request a Team Site

Team sites can be created for any Loyola University Maryland college, school, department, or university-sanctioned committee or student organization. Only Loyola University Maryland community members with Loyola accounts can become members of a SharePoint team site.

To request a SharePoint team site, use the self-service portal or email ots@loyola.edu.

Team Site FAQs

If you have questions that are not answered here you can contact the office of technology support (ext. 5555 or ots@loyola.edu) or fill out the feedback form.

I don't see a site listed for my team or the name of my team site is wrong.

If you do not see the appropriate team sites listed it might be due to old information remaining in the system. Please report all cases to the office of technology support (ext. 5555 or ots@loyola.edu).

How can I find out who else has access to a team site?

To see who else is able to access a particular site, enter the team site, click on the gear icon in the upper right menu, then click on ‘Shared with’. This will show you a list of every member of that site.