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Upgrade Benefits

The upgrade includes several improvements for Inside Loyola and team sites.

  • File sharing and team site sharing is easier than before – 2 clicks and done 
  • Upload and edit files with improved 'drag and drop' functionality
  • New, simpler ways of accessing features you may be using now, like Site Actions and My Site
  • Social features like Newsfeed, Discussion Board, and Follow encourage team participation 
    • Stay informed by following sites, libraries, documents and people using new Follow feature  
    • Get team input on a question using new Discussion Board
  • Improved Search allows you to preview the search result by hovering the mouse over it
  • Improved browser compatibility (including mobile, MAC, and non-Internet Explorer users)

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Microsoft OneDrive for SharePoint

OneDrive for SharePoint is a new feature of Inside Loyola that allows you to store your own university files separate from other team sites you may be on.  Consider it your own document library.  You will be able to share and collaborate on files with colleagues and friends at Loyola, as well as work with files offline for uploading later.  This is particularly useful for laptops that are used while disconnected from Loyola's network, such as when traveling.