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Inside Loyola Help

New Menu Options and Features

One of the biggest changes on the Inside Loyola portal is the new menu in the top-right corner. The new options in this menu will help you navigate through the site, simplify certain tasks (like sharing your team site), and keep you to up-to-date on changes that are made on your sites, documents and libraries.

New Menu

Menu options in new portal

  • Newsfeed - A new social feature that keeps you informed. You can view conversations among co-workers, as well as follow content and changes on any sites or documents you are interested in (learn more on Microsoft’s website).
  • OneDrive (for SharePoint) - A new feature of Inside Loyola that allows you to store your own university files separate from other team sites you may be part of. You will be able to share and collaborate on files with colleagues and friends at Loyola, as well as work offline and sync your documents when you’re back online.
  • Sites – A new social feature that helps you easily keep track of sites you are interested in. It lists all the sites you are following and suggests other sites that you might find interesting.    
  • Image of gear icon- The menu known as Site Actions in old SharePoint has moved to the top-right corner of the screen. It's represented by the "gear" icon and is now referred to as Settings.
  • ? – A searchable Microsoft SharePoint Help menu.
  • Share – A new way to quickly share documents or sites. You can invite people to share specific documents and control what they can do with them (read, edit, and so on).
  • Follow – A new social feature that lets you follow a site and get back to it easily from your Sites page. This is useful when you need to know about any changes made to a site or document.
  • Notifications – A new feature that will show you any Colleague notifications that have occurred since your last log in (this is typically for students, i.e. if a bill is due).

Where did the old menu items go?

Menu options in previous portal

  • Webmail can now be accessed through the Access to Loyola Email web part.
  • Student Directory and Employee Directory are now found under the Quick Links web part.
  • Help (for Inside Loyola) moved to the left of the Newsfeed option.
  • Sign Out moved to the drop-down menu for your user profile (this is the tab with your name in the upper right).


Search functionality is also different. You can still enter your keyword in the search box, but you will notice that there is an arrow to the right of the box. You can click on the arrow to broaden or narrow your search. If you don't select a filter, it will default to search everything when searching from the Inside Loyola home page and the current site when searching from a team site.

Search box with drop-down menu options

Navigation Fly-out Menu

The horizontal Navigation menu is replaced by a fly-out navigation menu. To view the menu:   Click on or hover the mouse over Menu in the top left hand corner.

New vertical fly-out menu vs. previous horizontal navigation menu

Changes to Website Design

Quick Links and Applications are now located side-by-side in the same web part. You can toggle between the two menus by clicking on the Title tab. The active menu title appears in green.

Quick links and Applications menus

My Team Sites will display all of the team sites you are a member of by category. The two differences are: (1) the team sites categories will be different and (2) you will not be able to collapse and hide the team sites by category.

My Team Sites menu

The old team site categories were: Department, Organization, Other
The new team site categories are: Departments, Clubs and Organizations, Committees, Other

Other New Features

Loyola Workspace option under Applications menu

  • Loyola Workspace replaces Anywhere Apps (Citrix) and will provide secure access to Loyola applications and services regardless of the device or geographic location. Loyola Workspace is found under the 'Applications' menu. Learn more on the Loyola Workspace website.
  • Secure File Storage (inside of Loyola Workspace) will monitor and protect personally identifiable information (PII). Learn more on the Secure File Storage website.