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Menu options in new portal

  • Newsfeed - A social feature where you can view conversations among co-workers, as well as follow content and changes on any sites or documents you are interested in (learn more on Microsoft’s website).
  • OneDrive (for SharePoint) - A feature of Inside Loyola that allows you to store your own university files separate from other team sites you may be part of. You will be able to share and collaborate on files with colleagues and friends at Loyola, as well as work offline and sync your documents when you’re back online.
  • Sites – A social feature that helps you easily keep track of sites you are interested in. It lists all the sites you are following and suggests other sites that you might find interesting.    
  • Image of gear icon- The "gear" icon is how you access Settings.
  • ? – A searchable Microsoft SharePoint Help menu.
  • Share – A way to quickly share documents or sites. You can invite people to share specific documents and control what they can do with them (read, edit, and so on).
  • Follow – A social feature that lets you follow a site and get back to it easily from your Sites page. This is useful when you need to know about any changes made to a site or document.
  • Notifications – A feature that will show you any Colleague notifications that have occurred since your last log in (this is typically for students, i.e. if a bill is due).


Search functionality searches everything by default. You can click on the arrow to the right of the box to narrow your search.

Search box with drop-down menu options

My Week

The My Week Web part combines calendar events from your Outlook calendar as well as from Colleague. The list of Colleague events includes your classes and any appointments you have scheduled in Outlook. You can make changes to your appointments directly in this Web part. To change an event, click on the event and the My Week Web part opens a new window with that event in your Exchange account for you to modify.

You can view information for different dates on your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon in the upper left and selecting the date. You can always return to the default view by clicking on the "Today's Date" link at the top of the Web part.

At any point in time you can view the latest list of events by using the refresh icon on the top right of the Web part.


The WebAdvisor Web part gives you quick, convenient access to WebAdvisor. Since the portal allows single sign-on, you won’t need to sign in because it remembers your log-in information from when you logged in to the portal.

Quick Links and Applications

Quick links and Applications menus

Quick Links and Applications are located side-by-side in the same web part. You can toggle between the two menus by clicking on the tabs. The active menu title appears in green.

Quick Links displays a list of useful or frequently used links that you may be interested in. At this time individual users do not have the ability to add links to this Web part.

Loyola Workspace

Did you know that when you are not on campus, you can still access all of the software that you need? Click on the "Applications" tab and select "Loyola Workspace." This feature gives you access to additional software that you may or may not have on your desktop. Workspace is based on your specific user access and can include things like Microsoft Office, Markstrat, SPSS, and more. This is also where you will find Moodle as well as other items.

For assistance, contact the office of technology support at ext. 5555.

My Team Sites

The My Team Sites Web part displays and allows access to a list of team sites to which you belong. All users are assigned a team site based on their information in Active Directory, a system used across campus for classification of your user access and status.

Inside Loyola team sites are no longer being created. All team sites are being migrated to Microsoft Teams. Please contact OTS for assistance.