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Did you know that when you are not on campus, you can still access all of the software that you need? The Applications Web part gives you access to additional software that you may or may not have on your desktop. These Anywhere Apps are based on your specific user access and can include things like Microsoft Office, Markstrat, SPSS, and more. This is also where you will find Moodle as well as other items.

How do I access an application?

To access an application, click on that application's name in the Web part. The portal launches that application. When you click on an application name, that application opens in a new window by default. When you access Anywhere Apps you will need to make sure that you have installed the appropriate client software. Information and links to do so are provided on the Anywhere Apps page, but for additional assistance you can contact the office of technology support at ext. 5555.

Why does it ask for my credentials?

If this is the first time you are trying to use this Web part or if the credentials fail, this Web part displays a message that includes a link that asks you to provide your standard Loyola user name and password. These credentials will be used automatically the next time you try to use this feature.