Loyola University Maryland

Institutional Research

Undergraduate Student Perspective

Undergraduate Learning Report: Spring 2011
Produced: August 2011     
Using surveys containing some parallel items that allow us to compare the perceptions of graduating seniors, alumni and faculty on these key issues. 

Student Views on Religion: Class of 2008
Produced: March 2008    
This report focuses on issues related to engagement in religious/spiritual practice, students’ views on God and religion, and their sense of their own abilities related to religious/spiritual attributes.

Student Civic Engagement: Class of 2010
Produced: January 2008   
This report is intended to inform program development at Loyola by describing the attitudes and behaviors related to civic engagement that students have when they arrive on campus.

Adjustment to Campus and College Life: Class of 2010
Produced: August 2007    
Using a survey of first-year students at the end of their first-year, this report describes the social behaviors and challenges that face new students at Loyola.

Views on Diversity Class of 2010
Produced: December 2006      
This report uses diversity related items from a survey of first-year students to describe the perspectives on diversity that students have when they arrive on campus.