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Universidad Centroamericana Simeón Cañas in San Salvador, El Salvador

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Since 1999, this program has been run by Santa Clara University in partnership with the Jesuit university Universidad Centroamericana Simeón Cañas (UCA) and their Casa de la Solidaridad (CASA) program. The mission of the Casa is the promotion of justice and solidarity through the creation of a meaningful academic experience. Students can integrate rigorous academic study with direct immersion with the poor of El Salvador. Casa is a unique community-based learning program.

Application Requirements

Santa Clara University requires students to have at least a 2.80 CQPA; with no serious disciplinary record, and courses must fit with a student's degree requirements. Applications are due December 3 (Wednesday after Thanksgiving) for the fall and spring semester. All applications require an advisor's signature. Please note that students have to be accepted by Santa Clara and meet their admissions requirements. This may occur after Loyola study abroad deposits are due.


  • This program is not limited to Spanish majors or minors, but it is recommended that students complete Intermediate Spanish II (SN 104) prior to their semester abroad. 
  • The program is well suited to students who want to improve their Spanish beyond the core requirement and study in Latin America without having to minor or major in Spanish. 
  • Some general core courses are offered in English, as well as some electives, but many are taught in Spanish.
  • Spanish minors and majors may also study in El Salvador. These students will be expected to do all of their work in Spanish.
  • The program is focused on service-learning, so all applicants should be interested in working in marginal and lower-income Salvadoran communities.
  • This program offers an opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in "la realidad" (the reality) of El Salvador on many levels. Their field placement will be one of the most important parts of their immersion experience.

Disclaimer: In case of strikes or unexpected disruption to the academic semester Loyola University will work with the host university abroad to provide additional support or other academic arrangements to enable students to complete their coursework in agreement with the rules and regulations of the host university and the laws of the host country.  Loyola University Maryland will not makes any changes to its course, grade, or credit transfer policies following such circumstances.

Length of Stay

  • Fall Semester: mid-August – mid-December
  • Spring Semester: early January - early May
  • Students must arrive by the stated Santa Clara arrival date.

Courses Offered

Courses offered (and language in which it is offered) are subject to change.

  • Praxis Seminar (in English) with field placement (in Spanish);
  • Advanced Spanish 1 or Advanced Spanish Conversation;
  • Salvadoran Literature (in Spanish);
  • Latin American Theology (in English);
  • Sociology of Public Communication in El Salvador (in Spanish);
  • El Salvador’s Civil War (History) (in English); and
  • Political Structures and Processes in El Salvador and Central America (in Spanish).


  • Students live together in a learning community near the University of Central America.
  • Students live in one of three houses, Casa Romero, Casa Silvia, or Casa Ita, which are located just a minute walk from one another. Two UCA scholarship students (“becarios”) live at each Casa house as well.
  • All meals are provided.


  • Loyola will pay Santa Clara University's deposit after the student has been admitted. Loyola will also pay for the application fee.
  • Students are responsible for Loyola tuition and housing for the semester they will be abroad.
  • All Loyola financial aid (with some exclusions) can be used on this program. 
  • Our office recommends that students contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss their financial aid package.
**Please keep in mind that study abroad information, dates, benefits, and fees are subject to change without notification. You are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs directly for the most up-to-date information regarding any study abroad programs offered at Loyola.

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