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International Student Services

International Student Orientation Committee (ISOC)

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ISOCs are responsible for orienting new and visiting international students to the campus and the Baltimore area. They also assist the international students in integrating into the Loyola University Maryland community. For a list of all requirements: Full ISOC Job Description


Under the guidance of the Director of International Student Services, ISOCs:

  • Attend a four-day training session at the beginning of the academic year
  • Greet arriving international students at BWI airport
  • Participate in all activities related to the orientation of internationals whether they occur on or off campus
  • Attend one of three day-trips for the international students per semester
  • Assist international students with integration into campus life
  • Be available to internationals on an informal basis to answer questions
  • Help make social connections between international students and other Loyola students

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Requirements for Consideration

  • For a list of all requirements: Download Full ISOC Job Description
  • Must have studied abroad or have another connection to “things international”
  • Must show evidence of leadership skills
  • Must be at least a junior at Loyola University Maryland
  • Cannot be on academic or disciplinary probation
  • Cannot already be an Evergreen, R.A. or Service Coordinator

Benefits of the Position

  • The chance to develop close relationships with students from all over the world: Argentina, Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, etc.
  • Early access to campus housing
  • Leadership training and experience
  • Great résumé builder
  • Fun trips and activities

Application Process

Please complete the ISOC Application and submit your résumé and cover letter no later than April 13 of the academic year to

Ms. Sunanda Bhatia of International Student Services
Loyola University Maryland
HU 141
4501 North Charles St.
Baltimore MD 21210

Students are appointed as ISOCs for one academic year. The position begins 2 weeks prior to the beginning of fall semester and ends at the end of spring semester.