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Immigration Update for the Fall 2020 Semester

There has been much uncertainty through the summer with regard to international travel, visa services, travel restrictions, and regulatory requirements for F-1 students for the fall semester 2020.  The Office of International Student Services feels that most outstanding questions have now been addressed by the various agencies. 
Please review the FAQ’s below to understand the current issues and announcements regarding the enrollment of F-1 students at Loyola University Maryland for the fall semester 2020.  The FAQ’s include information from the guidance issued on July 24, 2020 to clarify how the March 9 guidance applies to continuing and new students for the fall semester.

Our office is continuing to monitor the impact of global, national, and university COVID-19 updates on our F-1 international students. Our top priority is protecting your health and well-being as we continue to support your academic progress. For more information, please see our FAQ Page for the Fall 2020 semester. 

Immigration Responsibilities for F-1 International Students

Remember that it is your responsibility to comply with all existing U.S. Government rules and regulations as they apply to you. These regulations are continually amended and changed by the U.S. Government. During the New International Student Orientation, you will receive all of the specific information for retaining your F-1 immigration status. For additional details on these and other specific regulations, contact or visit OISS.

Maintaining Your F-1 Student Visa Status

  • Maintain a valid passport at all times.
  • Attend Loyola University Maryland, the school, which issued your Form I-20.
  • Pursue a full course of study and make normal progress towards the completion of the program of study:
    • Undergraduate students must be enrolled in and complete at least 12 credit hours EACH Fall and Spring semester.
    • Graduate students must be enrolled in and complete at least 9 credit hours EACH Fall and Spring semester. 
  • Courses taken for "audit" or "incomplete" do not generate credits and CANNOT be used in calculating full-time status.
  • Only ONE online course/distance education can count towards full-time enrollment.
  • Make satisfactory academic progress. Graduate students should refer to the "Good Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress" section of the graduate catalog.
  • Keep your US Address and US phone number updated with OISS at all times. Any change in address must be submitted within 10 days.
  • Obtain a travel signature on your Form I-20 from your International Student Advisor PRIOR to any travel outside of the United States.
  • Complete academic program by the date stated in item 5 of your Form I-20. Do not let your Form I-20 expire.
  • At the end of your academic program: depart from the United States within 60 days after completing your degree or program.
  • According to Immigration regulations, a student has completed their degree when she/he has satisfied all academic program requirements. This means your Form I-20 will end on the final day of the semester you are enrolled in your last required courses, regardless of the semester of your graduation. You may not request to take additional courses in a new semester once your required coursework has been completed, unless you have been issued a new Form I-20 for a new program or an approved program extension.

Update Form I-20

To legally remain in the United States, you must also have a current Form I-20, which corresponds to your level, field, and period of study. Be aware of the information on your Form I-20 and keep it current. Contact OISS and schedule an appointment for further information.

Program Extension / Extend Form I-20

To legally remain in the United States, you must also have a current Form I-20, which corresponds to your level, field, and period of study. Be aware of the information on your Form I-20 and keep it current. Follow procedures to extend your non-immigrant status if you will not complete your studies by the program end date on your Form I-20. Contact OISS to schedule an appointment for further information.

Employment Authorization

Refrain from working off-campus unless you have official authorization from OISS or USCIS. Students may work on-campus for Loyola up to 20 hours total per week during the school year, and full-time on-campus during summers and vacation periods. 

  • On-campus employment is allowable up to a total of 20 hours per week (all jobs) while in school session. Students are allowed to work full time in authorized employment at times when school is not in session, i.e. during the summer, winter, and spring breaks.
  • Receive prior written authorization for any and all off-campus employment by your International Student Advisor (and if applicable USCIS). Please see your International Student Advisor for more information.

Final Term

Follow the appropriate procedures and regulations as you approach your final term. Contact OISS to schedule an appointment for further information.

Medical Insurance

International students are required to have health insurance for the duration of their time in the United States. Loyola University Maryland’s health insurance is recommended. If you decide to use an alternate health insurance plan, it must meet the minimum coverage requirements. This coverage must be equivalent to Loyola’s Health Insurance plan. Please be sure to drop off an updated copy of your insurance when you renew your policy.

Social Security Number

You will need a Social Security Number (SSN) if you wish to work as nonimmigrant in the United States. Contact OISS to schedule an appointment for further information.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the loss of your F-1 non-immigrant status. This is referred to as being “out of status.” Please contact OISS if you think you are out of status.

You should contact your International Student Advisor, Ms. Sunanda K. Bhatia, if you have difficulty meeting any of these requirements before it becomes a problem for you. However, if you do make a mistake, please remember we are here to help you and assist you in reviewing your options and making wise decisions. The staff of the Office of International Student Services does not work for the Department of Homeland Security or the federal government; we are employees of Loyola University Maryland who want you to be successful and to benefit from your academic experience in the United States.