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Bridging the Digital Divide Program

The Loyola University Maryland Council 15000 is soliciting projects that echo the ongoing mission of the Knights of Columbus. As a council, we provide digitization and online communication services for small parishes and small Catholic organizations across the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Under the guidance of S/K John McFadden, our council has a number of very technically talented young men with access to sophisticated equipment to aid in the efforts. Depending on our customer's needs, information that is digitized can be used for archival purposes or for online presentation.

One of our clients is the Board of African American Ministries, which operates within the Archdiocese of Baltimore. A major need of the Board is digitizing hundreds to perhaps thousands of photographs and documents in order to preserve the rich history and contributions African-Americans have made to Catholicism in the United States of America. Council 15000 seeks to aid in the digitization of the Black Catholic History archives and will work with the Board of African American Ministries to make these archives available to the public for educational purposes.

Rendez-vous Haiti Program

Rendez-vous Haiti is a service learning program initiated by Prof. Catherine Savell and supported by Council 15000's Chaplain Fr. Timothy Brown, S.J. The project's goal is to empower and enable Haitians to develop concrete ways to improve their situation and sustain their own community.

In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, Haiti received a great deal of monetary and physical aid from various organizations and national governments, but what Haiti needs most now, according to Catherine, is for its citizens to learn how to maintain a productive and stable society that can support itself on its native resources – both human and natural.

Council 15000 aims to provide monetary, logistic, and spiritual support for the Rendez-vous Haiti program and are in the process of launching a campus wide fund raiser to seed and sustain it.