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The Lattanze Center at Loyola University Maryland


The Lattanze Center at Loyola University Maryland is nationally recognized as a center of excellence for academic and practitioner collaboration on issues related to information technology. The Lattanze Center sponsors research and programs to improve the practice and education of business in the Sellinger School of Business and Management and within the greater Baltimore/Washington, D.C. community.

New Research

With the emergence of the information age and the advent of better, faster, and cheaper technology, organizations are capturing and retaining ever-increasing amounts of information. Recent studies show that the amount of data in corporate datacenters is doubling in size every other year. Processing this vast mountain of data presents numerous challenges for both organizational decision makers and IT managers. In this study, Prof. Elliot King reports on the results of a survey of 237 IT managers showing the impact of in-memory databases and their role in helping managers to make use of improvements in data processing capabilities. Download the full report.

In new research from the Lattanze Center, professor Elliot King investigates the use of business intelligence (BI) tools by U.S. corporations. The research explores how BI is developed and used by firms and how, in an era of tightening IT budgets, firms have yet to adopt a formal methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of BI. King’s research provides critical and timely insights into a technology that is being adopted by a large subsection of U.S. corporations. View a copy of the research.