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Working Papers

Working papers are the result of funded research. Below is list of links to the Lattanze Center's working papers.


  • The Growth and Expanding Application of In-Memory Databases, Elliot King (WP0611.107)


  • Understanding the Development and Use of Analytical Business Intelligence Applications, Elliot King (WP0310.106)


  • Creating Competitive Synergy: The Role of IS-Business Coordination, Rajiv Kohli and Sarv Devaraj (WP1106.105)


  • Real options: The Value of Strategic Technology Options in Wireless Industry, Hak Ju Kim (WP1105.102)
  • Strategic Implications of Mobile Technology: A Case Study Using Value-Focused Thinking, Hong Sheng, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, and Keng Siau (WP1105.101)


  • An Examination of Gender Effects on Career Success of Information Systems Employees, Jack J. Baroudi and Magid Igbaria (WP1194.026)
  • Intelligent Scheduling Systems: An AI-based Approach, Jigish S. Zaveri and Ali F. Emdad (WP1194.025)
  • Keep Talking Performance Effectiveness with Continuous Voice Recognition for Spreadsheet Users, Michael J. DeHaemer, George M. Wright, Thomas W. Dillon, and Margaret H. Richards (WP1194.024)
  • Do Geographic Information Systems Improve Decision Making? An Experiment Comparing Maps and Tables, John B. Smelcer and Erran Carmel (WP1094.023)
  • Major Issues Facing Information Systems Managers: A Comparison of National and Mid-Atlantic CIOs, William H. Vroman (WP1094.022)
  • Source Data Collection: A Case Study at McCormick & Co., Inc., Michael S. Gross and John J. Burbridge, Jr. (WP0994.021)
  • Organizing for Information Systems Quality: A Structural Contingency Theory Investigation, Marianne Bays (WP0994.020)


  • Automated Speech Recognition for Spreadsheet Tasks: Performance Effects for Experts and Novices, Michael J. DeHaemer, George M. Wright, and Thomas W. Dillon (WP1093.018)
  • Assessing the Business Value of Information Systems, William H. DeLone and Eph R. McLean (WP0493.017)
  • Reports of Visual Fatigue When Working With a Video Display Unit, Thomas W. Dillon (WP0393.016)
  • The Electronic Document in the Informated Organization, Charles B. Kreitzberg (WP0393.015)
  • Aligning Information Systems Units with Competitive Strategies, H. William Vroman and John J. Burbridge, Jr. (WP0293.014)
  • Critical Success Factors for Establishing and Maintaining the Position of Chief Information Officer, Robert D. Boyle (WP0293.013)


  • Information Systems Management in a Distributed World: Changes in Power, Leadership, and Teams, William E. McClane and Anthony J. Mento (WP1291.012)
  • Information Systems Management in a Distributed World: As Viewed within the Context of Organizational Change, Anthony J. Mento and William E. McClane (WP1291.011)
  • Multimedia for Spontaneous Interactive Lecturing: Three Platforms Compared, John Larson and George M. Wright (WP1091.010)
  • End-User Computing Revisited, Eph R. McLean, Leon A. Kappelman, and John P. Thompson (WP0791.009)


  • Supervisor Performance Attributes: A Possible Barrier to Managerial Acceptance of Decision Aids, William E. McClane and William L. Harris (WP1290.008)
  • Vulcans, Klingons, and Humans: The Relevance of Individual Differences for Information Systems Interfaces, Michael J. DeHaemer (WP1190.007)
  • An Intelligent Decision Support System for Assessing Patient Severity of Illness in the Management of Healthcare Resources, Phoebe D. Sharkey, Michael J. DeHaemer, Laurette Poulos Simmons, and Susan D. Horn (WP0890.006)
  • The Use of Protocol Analysis to Determine the Effects of Adding Synthesized Voice to Computer Graphics, Michael J. DeHaemer (WP0490.005)
  • A Behavioral Approach to Optimizing End-Use Computing, Daniel D. Singer (WP0490.004)


  • The Functions of Color in Human Information Processing, Ellen D. Hoadley (WP0989.003)
  • A Contingency-based Approach to Assessing the Concept of the Chief Information Officer, John J. Burbridge, Jr., and Robert D. Boyle (WP0489.002)
  • Strategic Systems Business Planning, David D. Lattanze (WP0489.001)

The Lattanze Center and Loyola University Maryland are not responsible for the content, opinions, and reserach expressed in these papers.