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Loyola's OutList represents faculty and staff members who self-identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer and have chosen to be included on this virtual space. The OutList promotes greater visibility of the LGBTQ community and reflects the commitment to diversity and inclusivity at Loyola University Maryland. If you would like add your name to this list, please send an email with your name, title, pronouns, bio and picture to out@loyola.edu.

OUTList Profiles
Headshot photo of Natka Bianchini

Natka Bianchini, Associate Professor of Theatre

I identify as a bisexual, white, cisgender woman.  I teach courses in the theatre program, including Queer Theatre and Film, Loyola’s first course to focus exclusively on LGBTQ+ issues.  I also direct productions both on and off campus and am an artistic associate with Iron Crow Theatre, Baltimore’s award-winning queer theatre company.  I live in Lutherville with my wife Janna and our twin boys.  

Headshot photo of Patricia Bryan

Patricia Bryan, Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Undergraduate Admission

Is a bird truly a bird if it’s caged? Speaking our truths allows us to fly, and I truly believe that by being ourselves we allow others to live their truths too. So, here’s mine:   I am a Pansexual, Puerto Rican, Woman working in Undergraduate Admission to make Loyola’s education accessible, truly inclusive, and equitable. Reach out!

Headshot photo of Brenn Budge

Brenn Budge, Client Services Engineer in the office of Information Technology

I’m a transgender white gay (nonbinaryish-) woman. You’ll probably see me walking around campus from time to time, you’re always welcome to walk up and say hi or send me an email if you want to talk! I’m always happy to discuss transitioning, gender and sexuality theory, feminism, fantasy novels, videogames, D&D, you know, lesbian nerd stuff. I live in Odenton with my life partner Lindsay and our two cats and dog.

 Martin Camper Headshot  

Martin Camper, Associate Professor of Writing

I am a Black, gay, Christian, cisgender man. My areas of research include rhetorical theory, textual interpretation, and religious discourse. I teach writing, rhetoric, style, and argument courses in the Writing Department and Honors Program. I am incoming director of the Center for the Humanities, have been the advisor for the rhetoric club, and am an ordained elder at a local Baltimore PC(USA) church. I live with my dog, Photo.

Marianna Carlucci head shot  

Marianna Carlucci, Associate Professor, Psychology Department

Hi! Welcome! I hope that if you are looking at this page you feel the incredible support of a vibrant queer community at Loyola. A little about me: I am a lesbian from Cumana, a beautiful coastal city in Venezuela. My family and I moved to the United States when I was around 6 years old and I lived in Miami, Florida until I came and fell in love with Loyola. I am a faculty member in the Psychology Department, where I feel incredibly loved and supported. I love to read (and am always looking for recs, so send me some), do yoga, take walks, watch and play tennis (I know!), travel, watch movies, and challenge myself to pick up new hobbies and activities. I’m always up for a chat!  

Headshot photo of Pat Cassidy

Pat Cassidy
(he, him, his)

Pat is the Assistant Director of Immersion Programs in the Center for Community, Service, and Justice (CCSJ) and serves as the moderator for The LGBTQ+ Experience. Pat lives in Baltimore with his husband and is passionate about the intersections of sexuality and spirituality. 

Headshot Photo of Stepf Diaz

Stepf Diaz, MSW
(they, them, theirs)

Stepf is a proud queer, Latinx, non-binary person. They serve as an Assistant Director in the Office of Student Life, specifically overseeing Newman Towers. Their background is in social work with a focus on intimate partner violence and LGBT homelessness. They live on campus with their wife, Monica, and serve as a member of the Baltimore City Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs.

Headshot picture for Sheila Graham

Sheila V. Graham, Ph.D.
(she, her, hers, ella)

A queer, Black-Latina, and daughter of Costa Rican immigrants, Sheila is the Associate Director for Social Justice at Loyola's Counseling Center.  She and her wife Ruby reside in Baltimore City, where they work diligently to raise their two children to be socially conscious members of society.


Janine Holc, Professor, Political Science
(she, her, hers)

I am a queer, white, cis lesbian who teaches courses at Loyola in Global Studies and Political Science. I integrate issues central to gay and trans life in my teaching and writing, and I am developing a new course on the experiences of gay, lesbian and gender-variant people in the Holocaust. 

Headshot photo of Mike Puma

Michael Puma, Director, Messina

I am a gay, white, Catholic cisgender man who grew up in Brooklyn, NY and has called Baltimore home for almost twenty years.   I currently serve as the coordinator of OUTLoyola, Loyola’s LGBTQ+ group for faculty, staff and administrators.  I am also a Loyola Safe Zone facilitator.   When not at work, I enjoy cooking, tennis, attending live theater and spending time with my partner, Joey.

Head shot picture for Emalee Quickel 

Emalee Quickel, PhD., Assistant Professor, Psychology; Program Director, MS in Clinical Professional Counseling (CPC)

As someone who first started questioning their sexuality at the age of 36, I am proof that it’s never too late to embrace your authentic self and choose to live a truer and more beautiful life. I am a white, atheist, cisgender, pansexual/queer/questioning woman from Chicago, a clinical psychologist, and an eternal optimist who spends the majority of my free time following Phish. I am the current OUTLoyola representative to the President’s Council on Equity and Inclusion. Let’s be friends!

 picture of Andrew Ross with cake

Andrew Israel Ross, Assistant Professor of History

I am a gay, white, Jewish, cisgender man. I specialize in the history of sexuality and recently published a history of prostitution and homosexuality in nineteenth-century Paris. I regularly teach courses within gender history and the history of sexuality, including LGBTQ+ history. I am currently the interim director of the Gender and Sexuality Studies minor and serve as the moderator for Spectrum and the Gender and Sexuality Studies Club. 

Maureen Shea picture  Mo Shea, Degree Audit & Scheduling Specialist

I'm a gay, cis, White woman working in the Records Office. When I'm not processing transfer credits, I spend my time gaming, writing, and watching far too much trashy television. I live in Glen Burnie with my girlfriend and two cats, and our house is decorated for Halloween year-round. Feel free to say hi! 
Headshot photo of Dennis Velez

Dennis Velez

Dennis, a proud Puerto Rican gay man, currently serves as the Associate Director of ALANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Native American) Services and is passionate about supporting underrepresented students—not just ALANA students, but also students that identify as first generation, and come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. He is passionate about meeting students where they are andapproaches his work through an intersectional framework. He currently resides in Baltimore. 

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