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LGBTQPIA+ Peer Mentor Program logo (rainbow dog)The LGBTQ+ Peer Mentoring Program aims to bring LGBTQ+ students and allies together on campus. Through conversation, support, and connection we seek to help these students adjust to college and navigate being LGBTQ+ at Loyola. We strive to educate LGBTQ+ students on available supports and resources, explore their identities, and create connections within the Loyola community and the greater Baltimore area. We also strive to support all students, in all of their identities, and seek to make Loyola a welcoming space for all.

Benefits of Having a Mentor

  • Knowledge and Contacts: Your mentor will most likely have personal connections and knowledge of resources within the LGBTQIA community that has taken years for them to establish. You'll have direct access to this knowledge and your mentor can provide introductions to community members. 
  • Perspective: Discussions with your mentor will stretch your thinking by providing you with another perspective to your own.
  • Reduced Feelings of Isolation: Working with a mentor also often creates a sense of peer partnership that might not otherwise be available to you. It's easy to feel alone, but your mentor will help you work through those feelings with tangible real-world support. 
  • Wisdom and Learning From Past Experiences: As a mentee, you can also benefit greatly from hearing the lessons that your mentor has learned along the way through their past experiences - both their successes and failures.
  • Feedback: A good mentor will provide you with valuable feedback or make suggestions that will enable you to experience personal growth.
  • A Sounding Board: Having a good mentor will also enable you to test your ideas and discuss your points of view with an interested listener in a safe environment.
  • Learn How To Be A Good Mentor: The experience of working with a mentor will also serve as a training ground to enable you to develop good mentoring behaviors and become a mentor for others.

Mentee Application

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(e.g., gender, sexual identity, ethnicity) The mentor program strives to find the best match based on your preferences, however, requests are not guaranteed due to limited number of mentors.

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