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A mass email is any email that is going to a large group, such as all faculty, all employees, all first-year students, etc.

Mass Email Guidelines

Mass emails must greatly impact every recipient on the distribution list. Mass emails will not be permitted to promote optional attendance events or announcements that are not required knowledge.

Mass emails are generally only allowed for the following types of communications:

  • Aggregated university events and deadlines in LoyolaToday (emails are sent Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Emergencies, health and safety (e.g. PM Evergreen, Loyola Alerts)
  • Matters of policy, processes, or federal requirements
  • Timely communication that has direct impact on the recipients

Everything that is not mandatory should be promoted in LoyolaToday. Read the email policy for more information.

Requesting a Mass Email

Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to when you would like to send the email. All emails are reviewed by the office of marketing and communications and either approved or rerouted to LoyolaToday.

Use this form to request one-off emails as well as for standing rights to a distribution list.

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