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Casting Call

There is no better way to share, promote, and market the Loyola experience to prospective undergraduate students, student-athletes, parents, donors, graduate students, and faculty than with the individuals who best tell Loyola's story: our students!

Loyola's office of marketing and communications is looking for students who are interested in being "on call" for various creative and marketing positions throughout the academic year.

Some positions have the potential to turn into a longer-term role within our department, as a paid student employee or intern (for credit). Learn more about the positions below.

We encourage you to check all roles that apply to your interest(s) and/or experience/skillset(s)!

  • Writers – Whether you are interested in becoming a student blogger or a hopeful writer looking to build your portfolio with some published pieces, we are always looking for student writers to help tell the Loyola story. Writing projects may take the form of interviewing fellow students about a timely event or topic, conducting faculty Q&As, profiling an academic course or program, writing marketing copy about campus life or a reflection about an experience, writing about an event or lecture, and beyond. Topics will be assigned, and pieces may also require submitting photography with your writing (or having a fellow student take pictures!).
  • Social Media Ambassadors – If your Instagram account is the envy of your friends, we would love for you to join us behind the Loyola social media curtain... This position involves "social media hacks" by students (where you would take over the Loyola magazine Instagram account, for example), contributing to The Everyday Loyola Project, and opportunities for you to snap, tweet, post, and capture the Loyola experience.
  • Voice Actors – Have you been told you have a voice for radio? Do you have solid diction? Our office often needs aspiring voice actors to record voiceovers for videos and animations. No prior experience required.
  • Photographers – If you have a good eye and access to a decent camera, this is a great opportunity to get experience. Opportunities will range from event photography to portraits and students participating in service, on Messina outings, exploring Baltimore, life in residence halls, and more.
  • Video Assistants – Interested in video production? We are looking for students to assist in larger productions while learning basic video skills. From interview set-up to post-production, there are steps to learn and help along the way.
  • Actors & Extras (video and photography) – Our office produces a wide array of content for a number of diverse audiences. We are always looking for students—both as feature subjects and as extras—in videos and photos that we use in our print and digital marketing. If you want to be the next face of Loyola, this is the role for you.
  • Marketing Assistants – Throughout the year, the office of marketing and communications organizes various events and programs, runs tables at information fairs, conducts focus groups and market research, and organizes off-campus programs in the Baltimore community. This role is ideal for any student looking to add marketing experience to a résumé, explore marketing as a potential major or career, or get involved and build his or her network at Loyola through interaction with other students and members of the Loyola and Baltimore communities.
  • Other – Are your talents in print or graphic design? Do you have your own GoPro and enjoy making videos about college life? Do you play an instrument or are you a skilled Slackliner? Do you have an interesting story to share? Tell us what you can do!
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