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Thursday, October 20th
“American Politics: Whose Voice is It Anyway?”
6 p.m., McGuire Hall West
Sponsored by the Caribbean Students Union and Messina

About the event:

As our nation's population becomes increasingly more diverse, it seems we have also become more divided and violent as a result. This year specifically the media coverage of our upcoming presidential election has made us more aware of the role of marginalized groups in American politics, while also asking us to consider what exactly that role is. This community panel will serve as a space where the Loyola community can come together and consider what it truly means to live in a representative democracy, and ask ourselves who it is that is being represented?


Messina Theme Connection:

The Messina theme "The Good Life" asks us to question what it means to live well and what values we live our lives by that help us achieve that. This panel will not only ask us to consider what effect our voices being heard in our political system has on our lives, but also what effect not being heard may have on the lives of others, and how this contributes to our definitions of "the good life".

Resources for Attendees:





Questions for Discussion and Reflection:

This community panel will be a space for the Loyola community to come together as the Loyola community we are and consider what it means to live in a nation that is becoming increasingly more diverse, but increasingly more divided all at once.

Who does our political system favor?

What is the role of marginalized groups in our political system? How has that role changed as a result of the rhetoric surrounding this current presidential election?

What does it truly mean to live in a representative democracy, and ask ourselves who it is that is being represented?

All of these questions are important and relevant, especially in the fall of 2016, and reflecting on them as a community may be the first step to understanding them more deeply as individuals.

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