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Baltimore Housing and Transportation: Past, Present and Future


Baltimore Housing and Transportation: Past, Present and Future
6:00pm, McGuire Hall West, Andrew White Student Center
Sponsored by Messina
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About the Event: 

This panel presentation will help attendees understand how past decisions concerning housing and transportation policy impact the current state of affairs and planning for Baltimore's future.

Scheduled Panelists include:

  • Alec MacGillis, reporter at ProPublica, covering government and politics who recently wrote an article entitled, The Third Rail about Baltimore transportation over the last fifty years
  • Mel Freeman of Freeman Consulting Group, LLC and most recently, Executive Director of Citizens Planning and Housing Association, Inc.
  • Seema D. Iyer, PhD. associate director and research assistant professor for the Jacob France Institute in the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business
  • Brian O’Malley, President & CEO of Transportation Alliance, a coalition of corporate and civic leaders dedicated to improving regional transportation.

Resources for Attendees: 

Questions for Reflection: 

  • What political and economic forces have shaped Baltimore's housing and transportation system and plans for future development?
  • How does race and socio-economic class factor into Baltimore past, present and future decisions around housing and transportation?
  • How can members of the Loyola community get involved in improving housing and transportation options for all Baltimore residents?
  • In recent months, the issues of urban renewal and public financing for infrastructure that benefits private interests has been debated in the City Council and throughout Baltimore city.   How should private and public entities collaborate to benefit city residents? 




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