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The Jesuit College of Messina and the Preferential Option for Education
Speaker: Fr. Thomas M. McCoog, S. J., 
4:30 pm, Knott Hall B03
Sponsored by Modern Languages and Messina

About the Event: 

Fr. McCoog’s talk on February 18, "The Jesuit College of Messina and the Preferential Option for Education" will open the sixteenth celebration of Loyola University Maryland's Italian Week, a celebration of Italian culture and civilization. The celebration will link the Jesuit tradition in teaching at Messina with the culture of the Sicilian town in its multicultural geographic position through history, including music, art, literature and film with Jesuit goals and formation, linking the Messina program on campus with Italian Studies and Loyola University traditions new and old.

Resources for Attendees: 

About the Speaker:

Father Thomas M. McCoog, S. J., a faculty member at Fordham University, and Archivist at the British Province of the Society of Jesus, is an expert on the history of the Jesuits and has published numerous volumes about aspects of their history. He also taught in the History Department at Loyola in the 1980's.

Questions for reflection and discussion: 

Did you wonder why “Messina” is the name of Loyola University’s Living-Learning Program? 
And how would Messina, Sicily, come to hold such an important position in the ideas of education for the Jesuits?

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