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The Stoop Storytelling Series at Loyola

Legends of the Fall: Stories about Failure

An evening of true, personal tales presented by The Stoop Storytelling Series in collaboration with Messina at Loyola University Maryland. 

The Stoop Storytelling Series is a popular Baltimore-based live event and podcast in which “ordinary” people tell the extraordinary true tales of their lives. 

Since 2006, The Stoop has presented shows all over Baltimore, drawing crowds of 800 and more. On March 1, 2017, in McManus Theatre, The Stoop is coming to campus to present Legends of the Fall: Stories about Failure.

The show will feature members of Loyola’s community — students, faculty, administrators, staff — telling 7-minute true, personal tales on the theme of failure. 

The Stoop’s motto is “Everyone has a story. What’s yours?” Everyone on campus is invited to submit a story to tell at the show!

How do you submit a story?

1. Consider the theme of failure. What event or experience from your life does it call to mind? It can be funny or serious, a big mess or a small mishap. Failing is such a big part of being human, so don’t be shy about sharing.
2. Write a brief summary (3-4 sentences) that states the beginning, middle, and end of your story. 
3. Email that summary to messina@loyola.edu

Don't delay: the deadline to submit a story is Friday, December 2nd.

Folks whose stories are selected for the show will be notified in January 2017 and receive coaching and support from The Stoop before the show.

A few more tips:

- Stoop stories are true, personal tales. If it ain’t true, and it ain’t about you, it’s not a Stoop story.
- The Stoop is a venue for oral stories. An oral story is different than a written story. Or a TED talk. Or a standup routine. Tell us a story.
- Stoop stories are shared with the live audience — not memorized or performed. There are no notes, no scripts, and no writing on body parts!

Learn more about The Stoop at stoopstorytelling.com. Listen to The Stoop podcast at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/stoop-storytelling-series/id262444919?mt=2.

Questions about the event? Reach out to Messina at messina@loyola.edu or 410-617-2669.

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