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French Week - “Napoleon Bonaparte and the Cult of Glory”


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“Napoleon Bonaparte and the Cult of Glory”Messina Image Square
Keynote address by Dr. David Bell, Princeton University
6 pm 4th Floor Program Room

About the Event:

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures presents
Dr. David Bell, Princeton University, “Napoleon Bonaparte and the Cult of Glory”
November 9, 2015 at 6 PM in the AWSC 4th Floor Program Room

This event is part of Loyola’s National French Week 2015 program, this year focusing on Napoleon Bonaparte: “Complex Napoleon: The Emperor and His Legacy.” The keynote speaker is Professor David Bell of Princeton University, the foremost scholar on Napoleon in the United States.  His 50-minute presentation is entitled “Napoleon Bonaparte and the Cult of Glory” will examine Napoleon’s fine-tuned skill of self-promotion as well as his debts to the French Revolution for helping him develop as a leader.

Resources for Attendees

• David Bell’s website http://www.davidavrombell.com/
• Napoleon: A Concise Biography
•Napoleon on the History Channel

 Questions for Discussion and Reflection

• When you think of Napoleon Bonaparte, what comes to mind (images, adjectives, people, etc.)?
• In what ways did the French Revolution influence Napoleon’s identity and career?
• What were the positive and negative aspects of Napoleon’s career?
• How did Napoleon evaluate his own contributions to France?
• What moral questions are raised by Napoleon’s administrative changes in France?
• How did Napoleon’s maneuvers affect Europe as a whole, since so many countries were affected by his expansionist attempts?
• How has Napoleon’s reputation changed over the decades from what the speaker discussed?


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