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Interfaith Justice: Beyond Rhetoric

Interfaith Justice: Beyond Rhetoric

Interfaith Justice: Beyond Rhetoric Print Flyer About the Event

Monday, October 22, 2018 at 7 p.m., Fourth Floor Program Room

In General Congregation 35, Jesuits declare, “Our mission of faith and justice, dialogue of religions and cultures has acquired dimensions that no longer allow us to conceive of the world as composed of separate entities; we must see it as a unified whole in which we depend on one another.” So, too, Fr. Francis Clooney, S.J., an inter-faith scholar, calls for a “widening of horizons and an initiation of new conversations” in interfaith dialogue. How do we help create genuine openness and spaces at Loyola and in the world for people of all faith backgrounds and ethical traditions to flourish and to share the best of themselves? Come hear personal stories that cast light on interfaith justice.


Moderator: Rev. Scott Adams, Interfaith and Ecumenical Minister, Campus Ministry

Shahirah Khan – Class of 2019
Kassina Dwyer – Class of 2019
Alexandra Heredia – Class of 2020
Nia Kuttamperoor – Class of 2020

Co-sponsors: Messina, Campus Ministry, ALANA, Arabic Language Club (Arabyola), CCSJ, Muslim Student Association, Student Life, VPAA and Provost’s Office, Peace and Justice. 

Follow the conversation on social media @LoyolaJustice and #livejustice


Reflection Questions

  • What steps can you take to contribute to an environment that is inclusive to people from multiple faith backgrounds?
  • What are ways that you practice your faith that are important to you?
  • What is the most important faith experience of your life?
  • When and how have new avenues of understanding opened for you (specific to faith traditions/beliefs other than your own)?
  • In what ways has your faith/belief been nourished through your college experience?
  • In what ways has your faith/belief been challenged through your college experience?
  • How have the beliefs and values of those who differ from you, informed your own perspectives and spiritual growth?
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