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One Question

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Film Screening: One Question
7:00pm-9:00pm, 4th Floor Programming Room
One Question raises awareness about our neighbors with disabilities. After the movie, a panel of self-advocates from The Arc Baltimore--all have jobs, two are married, all enjoy Orioles games--talk with the audience. Kate Maguire, Chief Advancement Officer at The Arc Baltimore, facilitates the conversation.
Sponsored by the Center for Community Service and Justice & Messina


For some, One Question may have been an introduction to people with disabilities. For others, it might have served as an experience where they could test what they already know. For still others, perhaps, maybe One Question dispelled a myth or two. With The Arc Baltimore, my WR22o Art of Rhetoric students presented the audience with one question. A thought-provoking question. One any of us can answer in any number of ways. Our ultimate goal is to illustrate the similarities that exist between our neighbors with disabilities and those who do not have a physical or intellectual disability. An underlying question that drives this gathering is—would you like others to identify you by your abilities or your disabilities?

Resources for Attendees:

Reflection Guide and other materials prepared by Dr. Andrea Leary
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