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This I Believe

This I Believe written by Sue Cesare

It seems our world is a divided place, red states versus blue states; liberals here, and conservatives there. Some are Christian, some Jewish, some Muslim, some atheist. So many differences? At every turn one seems to sense a world of differences, in tension, at war, not knowing or understanding the other or even those close at hand. Is it so? Is it this way and no other?...
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This I Believe written by students in Fr. Tim Brown's Ignatian Spirituality and the Law course (LW319).  Each link is a scanned pdf of a hard copy document so please excuse the appearance.  Furthermore, each essay has received approval from the student author to publish on this site.  Enjoy.

This I Believe written by Katherine Clair

I believe in my eyes.
The yes that are the gate way to understanding
or the windows to my soul
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This I Believe written by Robert Mulcahy

For the past couple of years, I have become overwhelmingly introspective and self-aware.  I often wonder what exactly it means to be a man in today's society and whether I am living up to what my grandfathers, my father, my brothers, or my friends expect of me...
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This I Believe written by Michael Foster

Perseverance and motivation are words that get thrown around a lot without a second though as to their true meaning.  Often people will use these words to describe ones' self with little regards for the origins of theses positive characteristics...
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This I Believe written by John Donovan

A memorable quote was once made by a famous hockey player named Wayne Gretzky, "You miss 100% of the shots you never take".  If you interpret this quote literally it is just another hockey player talking about a shot he never took in a game...
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I Believe in the Color Orange written by Caitlain Lea

I believe in taking life at face value and living my life to the fullest.  On Novembver 15, 2011, I suffered the death of a fairly close friend of mine who died suddenly of congenital heart failure.  Obviously this came as a shock...
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This I Believe written by Sean O'Keefe

I believe the values of the past should not be forgotten, but rather built upon by future generations.  The first day I went to work for my father, when I was ten years old, he sat me down in the conference room and told me the one rule of working in the family business...
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This I Believe written by Calvin Reyes

I believe that the characteristics that deterimine the destiny of any single person are transcended from their family and ingrained in their core.  I began to realize this in my Ignatian Spirituality and te Law course...
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This I Believe written by Megan Farley

I believe that the next article to be amended to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should read "everyone has a story worthy of being told, and more importantly, of being heard."...
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Creating meaning in spite of the suffering written by Chris Wise

I grew up in a typical suburb, untouched by suffering or death.  I lived day to day, content with drifiting by with no purpose.  I did well in school, played sports, hung out with friends.  But I had no...
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Giving and Receiving Agape written by Jacqueline Lovdahl

Unconditional love has found its way into my life, it has shown me places where I didn't think love could grow, and it has guided me along a path that will guide me to love others as my own.  This I believe:agape, unrequited, genuine love...
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This I Believe Essay written by Kaylie Gioioso

"Okay girls, pick a present to give away."  My dad said these dreaded words every Christmas just as we reached the peak of our high on tearing though gifts.  Each year, we had to choose one of our toys to donate to a homeless shelter...
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