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National Fellowships

Advice for Applicants

  • Student GroupThe two terms, "scholarships" and "fellowships," are often used synonymously.
    • Generally speaking, a scholarship is money given to you to help pay for your expenses in graduate or undergraduate studies: tuition, books, fees, materials, etc.
    • However, a fellowship is typically given to underwrite the cost of a particular project or term of service. This may include either graduate or undergraduate studies, but it may also support the cost of independent research, travel, materials, and certain other privileges as defined by the funding organization.
  • The terms national, prestigious, and competitive can be confusing as well.
    • While almost all awards are national and competitive, some awards may stand out as more prestigious by reason of age, notoriety, selectivity, and locale. You should not let any of this scare you off.
    • Look for the award that furthers your goals.
  • By the way, while it was true several years ago that certain colleges and universities tended to dominate certain awards, that is no longer the case.
    • In fact, most foundations are quite intentional in casting the widest net possible.
    • They want an applicant pool that has big schools and little schools, private and public, liberal arts and technical, and so forth.
    • You should assume that you are applying for an award that is looking for the very best students wherever they can be found, and you should assume that all things being equal, studying at Loyola makes you the right student at the right time. These awards are given to the prepared, the confident, and the promising.
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