Loyola University Maryland

Printing and Mail Services

Exam Procedures

Do NOT send exams through campus mail. To maintain security, please follow these instructions:
  • Send all exams by email to printingservices@loyola.edu or submit through WebCRD. The following information must be included:
    • Due date (and hour if required by a certain time of day)
    • Number of copies needed, b/w or color print, single or duplex, finishing instructions as collate, staple, etc.
    • Exam pages should be numbered
    • Department name/budget number
    • Delivery location
  • Exams may NOT be submitted by a student, picked up by a student, or signed for by a student. Exams must be signed for upon delivery or pick-up by a Loyola employee. 
  • Exams are given top priority
  • The exact number of exams requested will be produced and all information deleted after production.
  • Exams are covered with chipboard front and back and then heat-sealed in plastic. They are secured in a locked cabinet in our department until delivered or picked up.
No work study students see or handle any part of the printing function for exams.