Loyola University Maryland

Public Safety

Missing Student Notification

Loyola University has a missing student policy outlining a report of any student who has been missing for 24 hours be forwarded to local law enforcement authorities and their designated contact person. Loyola takes the safety of its students very seriously. If there is reason to believe a student may be missing, it is incumbent upon members of the University community to come forward with that information to DPS (410-617 5911).  Reports of missing students can also be made to the Dean of Students Office (410-617-2842) and the Office of Student Life (410-617-5081).

The Office of Student Life is responsible for reporting the status of a missing student to DPS who will in turn report the missing student with all appropriate information to the local law enforcement with jurisdiction in the area/campus in which the individual went missing.

Students living on and off campus are required to provide the University with updated permanent and local address and emergency contact information on a yearly basis or when changes occur. Student residents have the option to register a confidential contact person they want notified in case they are determined to be missing for 24 hours.  All students attempting to register for on-campus housing will be notified, on an annual basis, of this policy at the time of online housing and room selection processes.  They will have the option to provide or change their missing person contact information.  All information provided concerning this subject will remain on file and be considered accurate until the student voluntarily provides different information. This information will be maintained confidentially and will be accessible only to authorized campus officials and disclosed to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of a missing person investigation.

The confidential contact may be a person designated by the student in addition to the declared emergency contact. Should the student not formally declare a separate missing person contact, the emergency contact on record will be notified. Loyola University students are advised that their contact information will be registered confidentially, and that this information will be accessible only to authorized campus officials and law enforcement and this information will not be disclosed outside of a missing person investigation.

A student will be considered missing if not located within 24 hours of the initial report made to the University and after a residence hall room search, a review of closed circuit cameras, the student’s ID card, class attendance, email, social network sites, and discussions with friends and roommates. Parents and/or guardians will be notified when reliable information about their son or daughter is available and within 24 hours of the initial report.

If the student is under the age of 18 and is not an emancipated individual, the University will notify local authorities, the student’s parent or guardian and any other designated contact person within 24 hours.

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