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Public Safety

Crime Prevention, Fire Safety and Safety Awareness Programming

Crime prevention is a cooperative effort requiring the entire Loyola community to identify criminal opportunity conditions. The Department of Public Safety, the Department of Student Development, the Office of Student Life, the Women's Center, and the Office of Student Support and Wellness offer various safety, security, and crime prevention programs throughout the year. Issues of personal safety, residential security, and office safety are the entire Loyola community's responsibility.

Various Loyola departments conduct crime prevention, safety education, and security awareness programs throughout the year. These educational programs range from personal safety and self-defense to sexual assault prevention and awareness. The Department of Public Safety, the Office of Student Life, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Human Resources, and the Office of Support and Wellness provide primary prevention, risk reduction, and ongoing awareness programs to address topics such as personal safety, alcohol and drug abuse awareness, fire safety and sexual assault prevention available to students and staff members throughout the year. As part of the security awareness programs, students and employees are encouraged to be responsible for their security and others' security.

Public Safety also offers "Operation Identification," a program designed to help protect valuables by engraving the driver's license number of owners onto items like televisions, computers, and bikes and creating a written inventory (including model and serial numbers). Additionally, DPS recommends a free app called "My Property Locker," a cloud-based secure database that Loyola community members can utilize to record ownership for all personal belongings. The website and mobile application's primary focus is to allow users to store and access their private property's serial numbers in a safe place. By having your property's serial number along with a detailed description of the property, police departments around the nation can track stolen property to get them returned to their rightful owners. Visit the My Property Locker website at www.mypropertylocker.com.

Public Safety conducts in-service training several times a year. Summer in-service training includes exercises that put emergency responders, including officers, dispatchers, and BPD, through practices they would use during a crisis.

Public Safety also conducts classroom instruction on how to evacuate the campus during a crisis. This training focuses on cascading effects that would cause the University to evacuate some or all of the campus.

2019 Security and Safety Programs


Name and Location

Program Description


Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercise in McGuire Hall

Annual campus-wide exercise to help achieve emergency preparedness goals followed by After Action Review.


New Student Orientation in Reitz Arena

The experience of being a student begins with residence halls and classrooms and extends beyond into the City of Baltimore. Personal and Fire Safety are also discussed.


International Student Orientation in Sellinger Hall

Safety on Campus for incoming International Students

Spring and Fall Semesters 2019

Active Shooter Response in various locations throughout all campuses

A program designed to provide awareness for students and employees in case they were to ever find themselves in a hostile situation. The programs highlight steps to be aware of to increase their chances of survival in an active shooter incident. The program presents participants with tools on how to flee a situation, sheltering in place, and techniques on disarming a shooter as a last resort. This program is offered to any department or student group upon request and publicly to the community annually.


Joint Summer Exercise in Thea Bowman Hall

Active shooter training with BPD

4/19, 12/19

Personal Safety Abroad in McGuire Hall

Safety information shared with students preparing to study abroad


CSA training for Events in Sellinger VIP

In-Person CSA Training

8/27/2019, 9/1/2019

Desk Attendant CSA training in Knott Hall

In-Person CSA Training


DPS and Student Life in Knott Hall

RA training including CSA training and overview of LiveSafe

Spring and Fall 2019

Campus Security Authorities online training

EverFi online training for all Campus Security Authorities