Loyola University Maryland

Public Safety

Electronic Surveillance

  • More than 800 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras placed at strategic locations monitor the campuses of the University.
  • Monitoring system for fire and intrusion alarms in University buildings.
  • Emergency phones equipped with one touch dialing and designated by blue lights are located in or within close proximity of most parking lots and walkways. These phones are tested by Public Safety once a semester. Technical difficulties are resolved by the Office of Technology Services.
  • All 911 emergency calls between campus phones and the local jurisdictions create notification to the Base Communications Dispatch Center.
  • Public Safety dispatchers communicate with Campus Police officers as well as other University departments through our digital Motorola two-way radio system. Campus Police converted from analog to digital communications over the summer of 2013. Digital radio communications allow our officers to expand our footprint while staying in constant communication with the Base Communications Dispatch Center.