Loyola University Maryland

Public Safety

Taxi Cab Disputes

The Department of Public Safety, in association with Loyola University’s student safety council, has developed an online form for Loyola community members to report taxi cab disputes to Public Safety. Simply use the following link to report a dispute with any of the numerous cab companies that service the Loyola community.

Taxi Cab Dispute Form >>

Public Safety will in turn forward your complaint to the company in question.

Additionally, Loyola community members can now utilize the following links to file a complaint directly with Baltimore City’s Public Service Commission:

The Commission has an online complaint form at:


or it can be found at their homepage at:


Some common complaints range from the following activity: drivers pulling over until they receive their fare before reaching a destination, harsh words exchanged from both parties, haggling, refusal to drive, using rude and foul language, overcharging, and not running the meter.

Use your cell phone's photo feature to record the following information which might be needed to file a complaint: driver’s name; driver’s badge number; taxi permit number (from side of cab); license tag number (if not a taxicab) and company name.