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Graduate Pass/No Credit Option

For Undergraduate students, please visit our Undergraduate Pass/No Credit Option FAQs webpage.

For Faculty, please visit the Academic Advising and Support Center News & Updates webpage for Pass/No Credit FAQs.

Who does the P/NC grading option apply to?

What is the P grade equivalent to?

What grade is the NC equivalent to?

If I want to choose the P/NC option, will that change be made automatically?

What form do I need and where is it located?

When can I access the form and how long will it be available?

Where can I locate the course numbers needed to list on the P/NC Grading Option form?

What if I am already enrolled in a Pass/Fail course?

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can choose to take P/NC this semester?

With whom should I consult regarding electing the P/NC Option?

Can I change my mind once I elect the P/NC grading option?

Will I need to retake courses in which I receive a grade of NC?

What happens to my GPA if I take all of my courses as P/NC?

Should I switch to P/NC if I'm doing well in my courses?

Is there any reason that I should stay in a course if I am getting below a B?

Will any course requirements change if I switch to the P/NC option?

What happens if I am currently on probation?

How might the P/NC grading option affect my Veteran education benefits?

How might choosing the P/NC option affect my financial aid?

I'm an F-1 international student. Will choosing P/NC for some of my courses affect my immigration/visa status?

If I am considering choosing the P/NC option, what are the most important issues I need to consider and with whom should I consult?

What other resources are available to support my academic success as I finish my courses remotely?