Loyola University Maryland

Department of Recreational Sports

Iron Hounds

Registration remains open, however all spots for the FREE T-shirt have been filled.

This semester we challenge you to be an IRONHOUND! Complete 140.6 miles to earn an official IronHound T-Shirt!

Basic Information

  • Participants will track their own physical activity through a self-report tracking sheet.
  • Participants have from 1/25/16 – 5/2/16 to complete 140.6 miles (distance of an Ironman race).
  • Every mile of walking, swimming, biking, riding an elliptical, etc counts towards the total for the challenge. 
  • Special incentive programs may be offered throughout the year for “bonus mileage”

Tracking Information

  • Participants are expected to continuously track their mileage on a tracking sheet.
  • Any amount of physical activity counts towards total mileage (ie. Walking, running, pickup basketball, ultimate Frisbee, etc). Participants should use their best judgment to calculate approximate mileage when necessary.  
  • Generally, 2000 steps of physical activity is 1 mile. Using a pedometer, smartphone, or attached references will assist participants in calculating totals. 

Basic Conversions

  • 15 min of any vigorous physical activity (ie. Running, basketball)= about 2200 footsteps or 1 mile
  • 15 min of any medium physical activity (ie. Brisk walk, volleyball)= about 1600 footsteps or 2/3 mile
  • 15 min of any easy physical activity (ie. Casual walk, golf)= about 1200 footsteps or ½ mile



Participants will receive an official IronHounds T-shirt after successful completion of the program. Email jvalis@loyola.edu to set up a time to pick up your t-shirt.