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OAE Trip Leaders

 leaders on a ski trip

Outdoor Adventure Experience (OAE) trip leaders volunteer their time and their talents to create memorable experiences for the Loyola community. They are:

  • undergraduate students
  • extensively trained in a variety of outdoor skills
  • Wilderness First Responders (a 72-hour medical certification)
Leader madeline in the woods

Madeline Isacco, 2019

Coming from the Tar Heel State, Madeline is an Accounting major from Raleigh, NC. She becomes one with nature by backpacking, climbing, and attempting to make her paddleboard go straight. When she’s not wearing her Army ROTC uniform or working at the rock wall, she can be found sleeping in her hammock, at the local Chipotle, or winning at Settlers of Catan. Trail names include puff daddy, sock, and mayo.

Hannah L sitting on a sleeping pad

Hannah Loiselle, 2019

Born and raised in Connecticut, Hannah grew up playing soccer, basketball, swimming and running. In coming to Loyola, Hannah discovered her love for the outdoors and experiential education through OAE. She tends to spend most of her time Whitewater Kayaking and Backpacking. She is a Global Studies and History double major with an intended minor in Peace and Justice Studies and a part of the Honors Program. In her free time, she volunteers with CCSJ, works with the Environmental Action club, attends academic lectures and goes for runs around the city. You can frequently find her hammocking on the quad or working on slacklining skills. In the future, she hopes to be an active member in advocating social justice in her community as well as finding a career that makes her happy.

Leader jill with canoe over head

Jillian Skerchak, 2019

Jillian is from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, and is a Biology major with a triple minor in Chemistry, Sociology, and Classical Civilization. After Loyola, she plans on attending medical school and later becoming a Pediatric Surgeon and working in developing countries. In addition to her passion for the outdoors, Jillian loves the trifecta: pizza, ice cream, and mac & cheese, the Glycolysis Rap by Mr. W, and tagging my roommate in uncomfortably funny Facebook videos. Catch her on OAE’s caving and sea kayaking trips! 

Grace M on a hike with graffiti

Grace Mayeda,  2019

Grace is from Waterford, CT and an Accounting and Theology double major. Hey favorite outdoor activities include rock climbing, skiing, canoeing, and snowshoeing. She loves to cook, bake, go to the beach, and travel! She hopes to one day go to culinary school to learn how to make delicious and environmentally sustainable meals. Very importantly, she has an undeniable obsession with Coca-Cola.  

Pat at the top of a climb wall smiling

Patrick Mahoney, 2019

Pat Mahoney is from Newton, MA. He loves to ski, rock climb, and get rad. He is studying communications at Loyola. Catch him on campus, the rockwall at the FAC, or on some of out trips!

Abby oae leader sitting under waterfall

Abby Wilkes,  2019

Abby is from Buffalo, NY. She is majoring in Biology and History. She has two dogs who she loves to take on adventures, they always want attention. She is always on the lookout to try and experience new things. She loves anything that has to do with the water. Sea kayaking and canoeing are two of her favorite things! She is hoping to find a profession that allows her to continue spending time outside and travel the world.  

Grace T in front of a frozen lake

Grace Tonna, 2019

Grace is from Huntington, New York. She became involved with OAE during her freshmen year at Loyola. She is a biochemistry major. She has four dogs back home on Long Island and seven siblings. She loves brownies with vanilla ice cream. Pictures of cats in space make her day. In the future, she hopes to attend graduate and receive a masters degree in public health.

  Matt G on top of hike

Matt Groce, 2019

Matt is from Milford, Delaware. He loves playing and watching sports, particularly football and basketball. His favorite outdoor activities are climbing, paddle boarding and kayaking. Matt is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. In the future, he plans to continue traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Leader shaelyn on a hike with friends 

Shaelyn Harris, 2019

Shaelyn is from Silver Spring, MD, and is a Psychology major with a Studio Arts minor. Her favorite outdoor activities include rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking, and of course, a good old meditation or two. She hopes to pursue a career in cultural anthropology studying different traditional, medical practices around the world and later teaching. One day, she also hopes to have a husky! She loves going to concerts, painting and drawing, cats, and watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.



  Leader katie at mason dixon sign

Katie Benoit, 2020

Growing up in Holden, Massachusetts, Katie always found herself outdoors, following her adventurous spirit. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, Katie enjoys hiking and canoeing with friends. Her favorite place to hike is the White Mountains in New Hampshire. As a psychology major here at Loyola, Katie hopes to one day combine her passion for the outdoor world with her desire to help those diagnosed with mental illnesses.  “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.”

  Abe Leader on a sailboat

Abraham DeFeo, 2020

Abe is from Connecticut and loves to sail and snowboard. His passions within OAE are whitewater kayaking and shredding the gnar! Currently he is a junior studying mechanical engineering. He hopes someday this will land him a job by the ocean designing boats or inventing new instruments to explore the ocean!

 Stacie leader outside in the hills

Stacie Zimaras, 2020

Stacie is from Queens, New York. She loves being Greek and partaking in anything that involves Greek culture. She enjoys being active and being able to get outside. Her favorite outdoor activities include surfing, caving and kayaking. She is majoring in International Business. She hopes that one day she can travel the world doing what she loves, which is being in the outdoors and helping people.

  Mike Z on a water trip with friends

Mike Zimmerman, 2020

Mike is from Tolland, CT. He is a very active person. He played soccer and golf in high school and won the State Championship for soccer his senior year. His favorite outdoor activities include white water kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, tubing, etc. He is an Accounting major. He hopes to use the skills he acquires from Loyola to get an internship after graduation and then a full-time job as an accountant. He wants to continue to be active and find love in the outdoors.

Hannah B skiing and smiling

Hannah Boland, 2020

Hannah loves being on the water! Upon getting involved with OAE she was bit by the white water bug and hopes to shred the gnar forever. She also enjoys sea kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and backpacking. She is an engineering major from Millburn, NJ. Catch her on campus talking to friends and making new ones. In her spare time she enjoys painting and photography.

Leader tim in a sleeping bag

Tim Rossi, 2020


Tim is a junior born and raised in New Hampshire. He is a Finance and Economics major who is a Sellinger Scholar. He likes to talk so much that he has been caught talking to himself when he thought there was no one else to talk to in the room.

Jack D leader standing outside in DC   

Jack Dorish, 2020

Jack is from Ridgefield, CT and works at the Loyola Rock Wall. He loves climbing, swimming, camping, caving, biking, and frisbee. His favorite band is The Shins and his favorite band that you've never heard of is Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams. Jack is a communication major with a double minor in writing and film studies and hopes to get a career in the film or television industry

Leader Joe in dorm room smiling

Joe Bulgar, 2020

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Joe is a junior at Loyola. He enjoys the outdoors and being part of the OAE Leadership team.

Grace H leader on paddleboard

Grace Homany, 2021

Grace is a sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio intending to major in Writing and Bio. When she's not scavenging for Obit gum or talking about Ohio, Grace is probably on a run. Her favorite OAE activity is  backpacking, but she also enjoys kayaking, climbing and fly fishing with family. She is a co-inventor of the s'mores quesadilla, and a huge fan of back country burritos. Look for Grace around campus at the FAC or rocking on the Humanities porch. If she sees you she will likely wave enthusiastically- please wave back.

Lily hiking in the fall in front of river

Lily Kase, 2021

Lily is from Warrenton, VA (right between Washington D.C. and the Shenandoah Mountains)! At Loyola, she is part of the Honors program and she is a Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences major. She loves backpacking and canoeing. When she is not outside, she enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends and attempting to play the ukulele. After Loyola, she plans on attending graduate school and eventually working as a Speech Therapist for geriatric patients. Lastly, she has an unbridled enthusiasm for Taylor Swift, cheese, and dad jokes. 

Jack R leader running track in high school

Jack Rossig, 2021

Jack is from Montvale, New Jersey. He is a member of the class of 2021 and currently studying mechanical engineering. He likes to run, snowboard, and play pretty much any sport outdoors. He enjoys watching all sports.

Jada outside in front of water

Jada Ito, 2021

Jada is a Biology major with a Business minor from Annapolis, MD. In high school, Jada sailed and ran cross country. Jada loves being on the water, traveling, and her three dogs! Her favorite outdoor activities are hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing. In the future, she hopes to either work in the medical field or be a wildlife cinematographer.  

Bruni leader hiking in fall

Bruni Neufeld, 2021

Bruni is a second year from sunny Tampa, Florida and is intending on majoring in biology. Her dream is to got to med school and one day work with Doctors Without Borders. In her free time she enjoys running, painting, and dancing to any and all spanish music. Her favorite outdoor activities are caving and rock climbing, although she also enjoys backpacking and hiking. She is a co-inventor of the s’mores quesadilla and runs on iced coffee. Catch her at the library with her nose in a Bio book or at the rock wall bopping around to some great tunes.

Leader Erin on boat

Erin Murphy, 2021

Erin is from Rochester, NY and intends to major in Business Management here at Loyola. Her favorite outdoor activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing. She also enjoys horseback riding, golfing, and volunteering. In the future, she hopes to have a career involving her love of horses and helping others.

Leader Matt H on water with his done

Matt Hanifin, 2021

Matt is from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He is currently studying Communications with a minor in Marketing. After graduation he hopes to find a career in sports marketing. Matt loves traveling and is always up for a new adventure. In his free time he enjoys watching sports, golfing, cooking, and playing guitar. He normally spends his Summers on the Cape in Chatham, MA with his family. His favorite outdoor activities to lead are whitewater kayaking, caving, and rock climbing!

Leader Spencer gripping a basketball

Spencer Feuerbach, 2021

Spencer is a sophomore who hails from Manchester, Massachusetts. You may have seen him playing in a NBA basketball game, but he is really just a recreational player. He loves to scuba dive, play activities, and cook edible food.

Leader Erin posing with friends  Erin Connolly, 2021

Erin is from Fort Salonga, New York; the home of the best bagels in the world and where any Billy Joel song is considered the theme song of Lawn-GUY-Land. She is an elementary education major with a minor in special education. Her favorite outdoor activities include skiing, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and running. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, art, and telling corny jokes. After Loyola, Erin plans on getting her masters and teaching third grade. 

Leader Will posing in front of mountains

Will Graney Green, 2022

Will is a member of the class of 2022 and is from Fairfield, Connecticut. He plans on being a bio major. He is a big food guy, loves to travel, and loves animals. He loves playing sports, particularly frisbee, football, soccer, and his favorite outdoor activities include hiking, caving, rock climbing, and paddle boarding.

Leader Jake posing infront of mountains 

Jake Kotwicki, 2022

Jake is from Crofton, Maryland right outside of Annapolis. He is the middle child of 5 and loves spending time with his whole family and 2 dogs.  An Accounting major who is also plays for the Loyola Men’s Club Volleyball Team. Whether it be tasting different food, traveling to new places or simply meeting new people, Jake loves to be active and try new things. Go hounds.

 Leader Charlie smiling in front of mountains

Charlie Yandrisevits, 2022

Born and raised in the dirty jerz, Charlie is currently an undecided major from Princeton, NJ. At Loyola, he is part of the Honors Program and you can also catch him swimming for Loyola’s club swim team or working with Loyola Democrats club. His favorite outdoor activities are paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and rock climbing and thinks you can never go wrong with a good hike either. Some of my favorite things are country music and food.

 Leader Anna in the woods

Anna Graff, 2022

Anna comes from the small town of Rindge, New Hampshire, where she enjoys hiking, kayaking and skiing. She plans on studying International Business and Spanish at Loyola. Anna hopes to one day live in a van and travel across the United States. Some of her hobbies include playing the piano and ukulele, traveling and playing with her dog, Juniper!

Leader Demi pretending to fall on rocks 

Demi Kishbaugh, 2022

Coming from good old Pennsyltucky (otherwise referred to as Douglassville, PA), Demi is a Biology major here at Loyola. In the future she hopes to attend medical school and travel around the world, but if all else fails she plans to marry rich. Demi enjoys drawing, playing tennis, paddle boarding, kayaking, and laughing too much. She loves animals, flowers, warm weather, and Philly cheesesteaks, & she hates plastic straws.

leader cooper standing in front of cliff and ocean scenery  

Cooper Sciotto , 2022

Cooper is a first year at Loyola from one of the smallest towns in the smallest state: Barrington, RI. He loves staying active, traveling, and exploring new places. He is currently an Undecided Business major and plays for the Loyola Men’s Club Soccer Team. Some of his favorite activities include playing soccer, kayaking, canoeing, biking, skiing, and paddle boarding. He also loves a mean pulled pork sandwich.

OAE Admin/Staff

Alan with his wife dogs and kids Alan Baker  
Associate Director – Programs and Assessment 
Having grown up in Maryland, Alan has been fortunate to have traveled to all but 2 of the states in the US and to have lived on both the east and west coasts!  His favorite outdoor pastimes vary with the season from whitewater paddling to ice climbing.  These days, Alan and his wife, Kristin, are busy with their new baby boy and 5 year old daughter where bike tours and paddleboarding trips are the easiest to accommodate the little ones! Beyond outdoor activities, Alan’s passion as an outdoor educator directly stems from the accelerated learning and growth that occurs for leaders and participants while in the field.  
Jen holding a fish that she caught and smiling
Jen Cusick
Assistant Director of Outdoor Adventures
Jen is a passionate advocate of the benefits of the outdoors. From her earliest job at a farm market til now, Jen claims she only ever had one fully indoor job, which was scooping ice cream.(It didn't last long.) Jen's first wilderness expedition was as a student on a month long trip sea-kayaking and backpacking through Alaska. Since then, she has continued to pursue the outdoors both personally and professionally. Some of her favorite adventures have included her 1000 mile bicycle ride up the coast of California, or exploring the coastlines of the Chesapeake Bay via sea kayak. As someone who also loves the city, Jen can be found exploring her home of Baltimore by foot, bike, and sometimes paddle. 
Become an OAE Trip Leader
  • Hiring occurs at the beginning of the fall semester
  • We hire between 7 and 9 first-years and sophomores per year
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