Loyola University Maryland

Department of Recreational Sports

Employee of the Year

Employees of the Month

Who can be Nominated?

Current Student Employee of the Year


Amelia Ekert, Outdoor Adventure Experience Leader

Past Student Employees of the Year

 Chris Wiener 2015-2016 Climbing Wall
 Jun Lee 2015-2016 Welcome Desk
 Katie High 2014-2015 Lifeguard Supervisor
 Jazmine Carey 2013-2014 Membership Services
 Jennifer LaFalce 2012-2013

Intramural Supervisor
Fitness Center Attendant

 Daniel Doyle 2011-2012 Climbing Wall Supervisor
Outdoor Adventure Experience Trip Leader

How to Nominate

  • Submit a Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Nomination Form
  •  Look for a special SEOTY table at the FAC in April