Loyola University Maryland

Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion

Spring 2021 FAQ

Will I still be able to obtain an alcohol/drug screening in SSWP for a conduct-related sanction?

Yes. All screenings and follow-up appointments will be conducted remotely via Zoom.

Are follow-up alcohol and other drug appointments still required?

Yes, follow-up appointments are still required and will be conducted via Zoom.

Am I able to meet with someone in SSWP to discuss alcohol and/or other drug concerns and receive recommendations and referrals?

Of course. SSWP is always available to discuss alcohol and other drug-related concerns and provide referrals, as necessary.

Are the ADAPT Peer Educators still offering programs this semester?

Yes, the ADAPT Peer Educators will be offering educational and exciting programming for students throughout the semester. However, most of these programs will be offered via Zoom. Some of the programs will require materials that will be dropped off at a convenient location prior to the events. The APAPT Peer Educators will also work collaboratively with other offices on campus to bring you fun, innovative, and relevant programs to students.

Will SSWP still be offering events and late-night programs this semester?

The SSWP office will also be offering programs throughout the semester, most often in a collaborative sprit with ALANA Services, Student Activities, the Women’s Center, and Athletics. Most of these programs will be conducted via Zoom.

The SSWP office provided support for me after I had experienced significant emotional concerns and needed help. Am I still able to access support and appointments?

Absolutely. SSWP is committed to helping all students who are in need of immediate and elevated levels of intervention. We will continue to support, guide, and follow-up with students with compassion and sensitivity. Interactions will occur over Zoom.

I have used “The Nest” in the SSWP Office to relax, unwind, and even work on homework. Will this space still be available to me during the spring semester?

Unfortunately, in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment and minimize the spread of germs, “The Nest” will not be available for use this semester.