Loyola University Maryland

Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion

Cardoner: Loyola University Maryland’s Collegiate Recovery Community

Students chatting on the Quad

Welcome to Cardoner (pronounced Card-on-air), Loyola University Maryland’s Collegiate Recovery Community.

Statement of Intent

The Jesuit mission of Loyola University Maryland calls us as a University to be people for and with others. It is in that spirit that Cardoner: Loyola University Maryland’s Collegiate Recovery Community was created to support all students in their effort to build and grow in their recovery. Our program strives to support students through helping create connections not only to other students in recovery, but to the Baltimore recovery community as well. By building connections, our program provides hope to our students while helping them connect to Loyola, through activities, community service, and engagement with campus clubs and organizations. It is our goal to help our students better understand, build, and grow in their recovery, which will continue after their time at Loyola.

Why Cardoner?

Cardoner is the name of a river in Spain, which passes through the town of Manresa, where St. Ignatius, Loyola developed his spiritual principals and laid the foundation for his life’s work. We have chosen to name our recovery program Cardoner, because like recovery, rivers are continually growing and constantly moving forward. Also, it was on the banks of the Cardoner River where St. Ignatius developed the foundation for his work, and it is our hope that the Cardoner Recovery Community will serve as a foundation for our students’ recovery after they leave Loyola University Maryland.

Our Program

Cardoner is the first formalized collegiate recovery program in Maryland and in the Patriot League. Our program offers support for students in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction by providing:

  • Individual counseling;
  • Group counseling and;
  • On-campus AA, and NA meetings
    • Directories for AA and NA meetings close to campus
    • Social activities
    • Continued support throughout your time at Loyola University Maryland

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the Cardoner Recovery Community, please feel free to contact Mary Beth Mudric, PhD., Director in the office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion, by phone at 410-617-2928, or email at mmudric@loyola.edu.