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Homecoming Committee

Homecoming Committee

The Loyola University Maryland Homecoming Committee is comprised of student leaders from various organizations across campus to work to create and implement the University’s annual Homecoming celebration. Committee members are part of a 6-8 member team who work together to produce social events that foster school spirit, Loyola pride, and a stronger sense of University tradition.

Members of the Homecoming Committee are responsible for several aspects of the Homecoming planning process including helping to select themes, events, and promotional designs. Committee members are required to attend all weekly committee meetings, any specially called meetings, and volunteer at Homecoming events. Weekly committee meetings will take place in September and October of the fall semester leading up to Homecoming. Additional committee meetings may be scheduled on an as needed basis for the remainder of the academic year.

Committee member positions are a one-year commitment beginning at the end of April.

Responsibilities of a committee member include, but are not limited, to:

  • Communicating with respective group/organization and other committee members to advance projects to successful completion
  • Working collectively with committee members to fulfill the components of Homecoming programming
  • Volunteering at and managing respective Homecoming events
  • Coordinating and facilitating cross-organization collaboration with other student groups to successfully execute the mission of Homecoming