Loyola University Maryland

Student Activities

Club Status

The Club structure is organized in a 3 tiered system to provide the opportunity for groups to assess their individual needs and to provide options for clubs so that they can choose the list of resources most applicable to their annual goals.  Student Activities recognizes that clubs have various needs and that no one single structure would be able to address the diverse requirements of all of our 200+ groups.  As goals change from year to year, this model will allow clubs the flexibility and freedom to change and adjust their status to reflect their changing needs.  

The new 3 tiered system will give structure to the club experience and will clarify what is expected of clubs when they begin the year and allow greater freedom to direct their own club experience according to their own vision.

Clubs will need to sign up for either the Evergreen, Greyound, or Ignatius status by OCTOBER 1st. 

Club Status and Perks. Evergreen status (most basic package), Greyhound status (middle tier package), Ignatius Status (top tier package)


REQUIREMENTS:  Attendance at the Fall Kick-off, completed Roster, and attendance at the Leadership Transition Workshop. 

PERKS: Being an official Loyola Club, 10 free black and white copies, ability to reserve campus space, ability to fundraise, ability to reserve vehicles with Motor Pool, and may access the supplies in the Student Activities Office.


REQUIREMENTS: Everything from the Evergreen status; PLUS attendance at the Program Planning workshop, Club Funding workshop, and one Elective workshop.

PERKS: Everthing from the Evergreen status; PLUS able to receive $25 from Student Activities for a club meeting, ability to request funding from SGA, and 15 color copies instead of 10 black and white.



REQUIREMENTS: Everything from the Greyhound status; PLUS attendance at one additional Elective workshop (for a total of two Elective Workshops total).

PERKS: Everything from the Greyhound status; PLUS Priority registration at both Activities Fairs, storage space in the Student Activities storage closet, A total of $50 for a club meeting instead of $25 from Student Activities, 25 color copies instead of 15, and the opportunity to request funds from the Student Activities Office directly.  (This is approved on a case by case basis).