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Leadership Training & Workshop Schedule for Student Clubs/Organizations

Leadership Workshop Schedule

Student club/organization leaders and members are welcome to attend workshops sponsored by Student Activities. Club presidents receive email invitations to these workshops and are asked to share information about the workshops with club members. Please contact Beth Steiner, Director of Student Activities, at besteiner@loyola.edu with questions about our leadership workshops.  


Spring 2019 Workshop Schedule


Transforming Your Organization*: This workshop offers a space for organization leaders to identify the current challenges and strategize solutions for how to address them effectively. Participants will be able to describe how different leadership approaches can help their group achieve common goals and values. Exec Board members are encouraged to attend together! 


Leadership Transitions 



*Elective Workshop (This will count towards your Elective Workshop requirements if you're a Greyhound or Ignatius level club)

Leadership Opportunities

The Office of Student Engagement provides information about leadership opportunities at Loyola, including positional opportunities and leadership development opportunities. Visit the Student Engagement website for more information.