Loyola University Maryland

Student Activities

Reserving Space on Campus for Club Meetings and Events

To reserve a space, table at Boulder, or Evergreen reader:

  1. Student club/organization leaders must fill out an Event Reservation Request form 
  2. Moderators signature is ONLY required for events/programs (not for regular club meetings). NOTE: Moderator signatures are required for all events with an in-person component during the Spring 2021 semester.
  3. If the event is a recurring request, all dates must be listed out on the form. 
  4. The completed form must be emailed to Lea Brisbane at mbrisbane@loyola.edu or dropped off at the front desk of the Student Activities/ALANA Services suite.
  5. The student who filled out the form will receive an email confirmation from Event Services once the reservation is official.
  6. If you are a student and would like to request a table but are not affiliated with a club or organization, please email Lea with details prior to submitting a request.

  7. Any events requiring rehearsal dates should include the rehearsal dates and details with the initial event request.

Visit the event services website to learn more about reserving space on campus.

Changes Relevant to the Spring 2021 Semester

Important Notes

  • Request forms must be submitted to Student Activities at least 5 full business days in advance.  Preferably 2 weeks.
  • This is the same form that must be filled out to reserve a table and an Evergreen reader for a club fundraiser.
  • Multiple dates must be listed on one Event Reservation Request form if a club wants to schedule a recurring meeting.
  • A reminder that beverages at a club/organization-sponsored event must be Pepsi products. Club/organization-sponsored events must be alcohol-free.
  • Clubs/organizations are responsible for cleaning up after any event and leaving campus spaces as they were found.