Loyola University Maryland

Student Activities

Role of the Moderator

Suggested responsibilities of a club/organization moderator:

  • Offer guidance and support to club leaders and members as they work toward goals
  • Answer questions and be a reference source
  • Attend club/organization meetings and events
  • Sign necessary paperwork (room reservation form, vehicle reservation request form, SGA Finance Committee request for funding form) related to club/organization activities
  • Assist club leaders with decision-making
  • Approve designs to be used on any club merchandise (eg. T-shirts, mugs, etc.)
  • Monitor the club's online presence to ensure that electronic communication is done in an ethical and responsible manner, and in accordance with Loyola University Maryland’s mission and values
  • Show interest in and excitement for the club/organization
  • Keep lines of communication open with the group's student leader(s), meeting regularly
  • Guide the club/organization in accordance with the Jesuit values of Loyola University Maryland

Student leaders and moderators use the Office of Student Activities as a resource when attempting to do the following:

  • Have publicity approved (see Posting Policy)
  • Reserve space on campus for meetings/events
  • Request club funding from the SGA Finance Committee (a student-led Committee meeting weekly to review requests)
  • Reserve Loyola cars or minivans from Motor Pool for off-campus club activities
  • Approve any fundraisers and deposit money raised for safe-keeping

An in-person training is available for moderators.  This one-hour training offers an in-depth discussion about the role of moderators, and specific details about how to accomplish club/organization goals. To schedule a training, please contact the Student Activities office.