Loyola University Maryland

Student Activities

Posting Policy Quick Guide

For Student Clubs & Organizations 

The following is a quick overview of the Student Posting Policy. Please click the link below to read the full document, as clubs are responsible for knowing and following the policy: 

  • All student posters must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Activities
  • Only painters tape allowed
  • No masking, duct, scotch or other kinds of tape permitted
  • No posting on wood, glass, painted or elevator surfaces. DO NOT POST ON BOULDER OR STARBUCKS BENCHES OR PILLARS. 
  • No posting on exterior doors 
  • No helium balloons permitted in McGuire or Boulder Atrium 
  • Do not cover sprinklers
  • No materials may be attached to the top handrail of accessible ramps 
  • No posting allowed in DiChiaro Art Gallery hallway 
  • Do not post on horizontal surfaces (floor, ground, benches)
  • Posters must be removed by the club after 2 weeks past event date
  • Anything found violating policy will be taken down, and club leadership notified of the violation. After three “strikes”, a club will lose the ability to post for the remainder of the semester and/or the next semester 

Read the full Posting Policy