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GOLD Events

Greyhound Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) offer Loyola students a range of opportunities for leadership and personal growth.

Past GOLD Workshops

True Colors: Know Your Style of Leadership and Communication

Discover your true color and learn about your preferred style of communication and leadership! Explore your style in depth by understanding in which team environments you thrive, including your perceptions, needs, and stressors within group contexts. By knowing your true color, learn how to improve your communication, appreciate others, and leverage your style to build and maintain effective teams and relationships with others.

Habitudes: Thermostat vs. Thermometer

People are either thermometers or thermostats. They will merely reflect the climate around them or they will set it. Leaders develop values and principles to live by and set the tone for others. This workshop will take a look into what it means to be a leader through the lens of Dr. Tim Elmore, author of Habitudes: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes.

Build your Launchpad: Learn How to Finance yourself as a Brand-New Adult

Leadership begins with a solid foundation of self, and that includes finances! Learn how to effectively manage your own finances so you can venture confidently into your own future. We'll discuss everything from taxes and health insurance to student loans and retirement saving.