Loyola University Maryland

Student Engagement

Are you ready to lead, Loyola?

Supported by our University values, the regular practice of leadership and followership allow our students to make their own unique contributions to the people and communities around them. We challenge our students to unleash their potential and lead by example through a wide range of development and positional opportunities.

Members of Loyola's Campus Activities Board posing for a photo at an event table
Campus Activities Board organizes on-campus Late Night Events for Loyola students
A group of Evergreens posing for a photo on Loyola's Quad
Become an Evergreen and help new students with their transition to college
Three Evergreen volunteers posing for a photo
Evergreens don't just mentor new students, they also make friends along the way
Two upperclassmen holding signs, smiling, and directing traffic during student move in
Not sure where to go? Count on the Evergreens to serve as a guide
Students directing blindfolded students on putting together a jumbo puzzle
Attend presentations and participate in small group activities at the Leadership Summit
Two members of OPTIONS man a table in McGuire Hall
OPTIONS organizes off-campus events throughout the semester for Loyola students
A group of students pose for a photos outdoors while experiencing the Sophomore Road Trip program
RoadTrip serves as a weekend retreat opportunity for sophomores
Superfans posing for a photo with an Instagram frame prop
Support Loyola athletics by joining SuperFans