Loyola University Maryland

Student Engagement

Learning Leadership

Leadership Cafe

Each month, Leadership Café features a special guest to share their stories and insights about the defining challenges and opportunities that shaped who they are and how they lead. Leadership Cafés are open to all students (free of charge).

Greyhound Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) Events

Through Greyhound Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) events, any Loyola student can take advantage of a range of activities and workshops geared toward leadership and personal growth. Students are highly encouraged to register before attending.

Greyhound Leadership Summit (GLS)

Any Loyola student can register for the Greyhound Leadership Summit (GLS). Emerging and current student leaders are highly encouraged to attend to improve their leadership skills and the communities around them.

First years are encouraged to follow the First-Year track, which includes sessions and programming specifically geared toward students who are discovering and exploring leadership opportunities at Loyola.

Student Leadership Corps (SLC)

Through Student Leadership Corps (SLC) weekly group meetings, mentorship, and reflection, students commit to developing their leadership skills and potential. First-year students are eligible to apply in March to be considered for participation in the fall semester of their sophomore year.

Questions about Leadership Programs? Contact Luke Haus.